A Christmas Story – Be Independent; Do Your Own Thing !


A Christmas Story


Every year, when Christmas comes, I wonder what gifts I should give. Most people think – give to people?

No!, not me; I mean to give to the animals!

On previous Christmas’ I had planned a one-woman anti-fur action, as a kind of personal gift / action for the suffering fur animals. I had inspected all the big shops in the city near to where I live. All of them sold fur articles. In one shop, which was very noble and expensive, there was a fox jacket priced at 1.199.- Euros. “It is red fox”, the seller informed me, allegedly “something that was very special”! – yes special to the fox; it is its coat to keep it warm ! When I put on the jacket, as part of my plan; I already knew what I would give the animals this Christmas.

I bought lots of small, white, self-adhesive stickers.

I typed on the computer:

“Pelz ist Mord

Kein Pelz kaufen” which means – Fur is murder, don`t buy fur.

I printed out 60 labels; each which carried this wording.

I decided to stick each of my labels over the price label of the fur items being sold. There are 2 reasons why I decided to do this:

  1. Spontaneously, if we want to buy something, we always first look at the price, and

  2. The price label is not part of the article, it is cut off at the checkout. This meant that even if I had been caught, no action could be taken against me for causing damage to the property.

Theoretically! – But it would be best not to be caught in the first place !!

That’s why I had tested all the cameras in the store. There were cameras everywhere. At the department where there was the red fox jacket, there was even a discreet camera mounted on the wall.

My plan had to be as follows:

take the fur jacket in hand, look for the position of the price label, try as if I was thinking of buying, and then… zack, zack!! quickly stick my anti fur label over the price tag !

Then, job done, move on to the price tag of the next fur item !

I had already stuck about 40 labels to different garments, but still none on the red fox fur. And I really wanted that!


“What does this jacket cost?” I asked the saleswoman. “1.199” she said; “but it is worth the money, something you will not find anywhere” !

I tried the jacket on and the saleswoman stood next to me. I made a small turn around in front of the mirror to view it from different angles, I had to be convincing that I was interested ! “I have to think it over,” I said, “it is too expensive for me”.

The saleswoman went away, disappointed by what I had said.

I put the jacket back on, quickly put my sticker onto this prize fur and left the store as quickly as I could. It was the sticker number 41!

When I think at this action today, I must admit, it was not a big or a direct gift for the animals, I know that. I have only provoked a little bit of attention into a very bloody business called the fur trade, nothing more.

Maybe I could have done more, if I had other helpers and activists with me. Yes! maybe … but with “if and but” you cannot change society and the suffering of the animals. We cannot wait for great deeds, everyone does what he or she can personally, now and again. Small gifts and actions for the animals are better than nothing.

And it should not be only at Christmas time.

Best regards for you, dear Mark,  and for all campaigners fighting for animals everywhere !




Above – Here Is the Rest of Your Fur Coat !


Visit ‘Respect for Animals’ (Nottingham, England)

– Campaigning against the Fur Trade:




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