Serbia: Please Help 25 Animals And Contribute To Keeping Their Home !





Our 14 dogs who don’t have any help for years have debt for their accommodation for October in amount of €550.

Please help us!

Free Fly isn’t organization. We are only 4 women who try to help innocent and abandoned animals.
We have over 25 animals as Free Fly and over 20 dogs or cats under care of each of us.

But these 14 dogs don’t have any help. We didn’t pay for October and November and our kennels and private accomodation ask from us to pay, but we don’t have how.
We desperately need your help.

Some of these dogs are waiting for homes over 3 years.


List of dogs and their costs only for accommodation.
Uske – €50
Kuci –  €40
Kiki –   €40
Alisa – €40
Dona – €40
Lela –  €20
Paja –  €40
Bak –   €40
Oliver – €40
Vlatka – €40
Beban – €40
Bole –   €40
Malisa – €40
Ljubica – €40
TOTAL: 550

This is our page. Please visit our dogs.


Donations please –

Thank you.



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