May we cooperate with All in the name of the animals?

May we cooperate with All in the name of the animals?

A few days ago, I read an article on a very well-known web page. The title: “Left Radical, Right Radical, who gives a shit!

The main point is that We Fight for Animals “. Hitler was praised several times because he was supposedly vegetarian and loved dogs. The central idea of this article was: it does not matter whether the animal rights movement cooperates with fascists.

If you do it for the animals, you should do it, and this organization would never reject or exclude right-wing radicals if these right-wing parties, groups, organizations, etc. are committed to animals.



I immediately wrote an article, it had a good effect. Meanwhile the article was removed by the operator of the site, but I translate my post anyway.:

“One of the aims of the right-wing forces is to capture political groups and parties in the context of the animal welfare and animal rights movement.

They hope to increase their approval for their anti-emancipatory positions. The strategy of the „Querfront“ (cross-front, bringing together or ignoring conflicting ideologies) is often used, but all considerations about the abolition of the borders between right and left usually fall in favor of the right faction. For it is their invention and their strategy.

The right-wing radicals have recognized and partially exploited the childhood disease of the animal welfare movement (infantilism and sentimentality). It sounds good when all doors are open, it is modern, globally-succinct, in a nutshell: it sells well.

Who benefits from this “cooperation”? The animals by no way! The animal rights movement even less! The groupings, that have initiated and created this cross-front in the background, have got what it takes. For years, the right-wingers have been trying to domesticize the animal rights movement with the viruses of the ” who gives a shit!” mentality. I would advise against fighting Fascism against animals with the help of fascism against humans.

It is a fatal error with consequences.”





2 Responses

  1. Love for the animal isn’t at the right – center or left… to care for a living creature should be a normal act for each one of us.
    Politics, religions, fanatism in every way is wrong and will bring very wrong consequence to the humanity.
    Is happening already since thousands of years, all over the planet… and it seems to me that there is no cure. I follow the Buddhist Path, as for me is the most concrete solution. :-)claudine

  2. Welfarism says : Hitler would be ok to the Jews and to all others if Jews were transported in comfortable trains to comfortable camps and well-fed then doing Mengele experiments in them and sprinkled Zyklon B, skinning them, executing by many ways these well-fed people ,then the Jews were happy people ? Could they be named:Happy Jews? There is no difference between welfarism to Jews ( Happy Jews ) and welfarism to sentient animals ( Happy cows ).Both are the Lies: Jews was tortured, killed , cows are tortured and killed too( as a represent of all sentient animals). Welfarism only increases profit industries: meat, milk, eggs.CCTV on dead line only controls the efficiency of slaughterhouses workers- buchers , therefore respond to the owners of slaughterhouses and makes the bigger profit.By welfarism, all sentient animals are treated as a property, although they are a persons.Welfarism is the thing of the bad , shame human past.Sorry for my english, but who understands, understands : all sentient animals are a persons,and not anyone ‚s property- this must be ordered by The Constitution of every state.

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