Bulgaria: Riku Is Now At The Sanctuary Feeling Grass Under His Feet !

Above – Now feeling grass under his feet !

Below – Riku before he was rescued –  Chained on barren bare ground.

Update 16/5/17 – Riku is now at his new home.

Re our recent post and the plight of Riku bear and the rescue attempt–


Well now we have some great news that he has finally left his adaptation facility in Bulgaria and that he is now in his new sanctuary home – feeling grass under his feet for the first time.

Here is the update from the Four Paws team that did the rescue:

Hi Mark,

I recently sent an email (below) about the Albanian bear Riku.

Rescued from private keeping in December, Riku embarked on a long journey from Albania to Bulgaria earlier this month. After his arrival at our bear sanctuary in Bulgaria, Riku remained in an indoor adaptation enclosure until he was ready to move into his permanent outdoor enclosure.

As you can see by the picture below, Riku is finally able to enjoy the feeling of grass beneath his feet in his new home!

A massive thank you for making a donation to FOUR PAWS in response to Riku’s plight.

It’s only because of your kindness and generosity that we can continue give bears like Riku a better life – thank you for making our work possible.

Warmest regards,

Saige Jennings






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