Despite What Trump Says, The Climate IS Affecting Turtle Nesting Sites. Adopt A Tree To Help. 



For the next several years, politicians will be battling each other about how to address climate change globally.

But the science tells us we need to act now. Sea levels are rising at sea turtle nesting beaches. Hatching success is diminishing due to hotter, drier sand. If we don’t act, we could lose sea turtles to extinction.

Join Turtle Island in fighting climate change through the simple act of planting a tree.


Adopt a Redwood today, and be part of the climate solution.


Redwood forests sequester more carbon than any other forest on the planet. They are that important.

·       We’ve planted 184 redwoods to date.

·       We have another 1,400 redwood seedlings growing in our native plant nursery.

·       And California classrooms are helping us grow another 1,000 seedlings.

While we work for a global climate policy solution, we can also be leading the way in helping reverse climate change. By planting redwood trees.


Join us by adopting a redwood today.


Peter Fugazzotto, Strategic Programs Director
Turtle Island Restoration Network

PS – We give ourselves power by taking personal action at the local level. Change starts with you and me. Thanks.





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