A Tribute To The Indian Animal Rescuers and Saviours At ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.

Regarding our recent post of some of the amazing rescues by AAU in India; we have below a tribute to these wonderful rescuers from Venus.

Link to original post –  https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/2017/05/30/india-more-truly-inspiring-animal-rescue-videos-from-the-superb-team-at-aau-watch-then-donate-please/ 

You can see a lot more amazing rescue videos by just typing ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ into the ‘Search’ box upper right on this site – then you should get access to all our old posts and videos relating to the rescue work of AAU.


For the team AAU of India.


If you look at the videos, you can feel a spontaneous admiration on two things:

On the ability of the rescuers to become even with very serious rescue processes. They deal with enormously difficult cases, which in Europe would only be undertaken by qualified forces, e.g. Fire brigade or animal rescue teams. That is the one thing.

The other is the expertise of veterinarians. It is felt that they can save almost everyone. Where are such veterinarians in Germany? We should send some to India, so they learn. Alone when my cat has diarrhea, usually takes a week, until my doctor gets the handle. And the Indian veterinarians even heal with deeply burned skin, which is destroyed to the muscles.

But there is also something else: the incredibly fast ability of the animals to overcome their shock, their trauma, their physical and mental injuries. We humans, in the similar case, would probably never recover from it.

But for this, all animals are capable, not just the victims in India. Animals have a strong mental world, have patience and courage when they suffer. And as soon as they are freed from their suffering, they forget it much faster than we humans and look forward to their new, happy life.

Such abilities we humans have no longer, or perhaps never had anyway.

We can learn a lot from animals.

And also from the innovative working methods of the AAU activists in India.






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