New Zealand: SAFE Campaign Leads To Major Suupermarket Chain Comiting To Phase Out Cage Eggs.

Dear Mark,

The past few months have seen one of the most notable victories in New Zealand animal protection history where our largest supermarket chain, Countdown, has committed to phase out cage eggs.

This game-changing victory for hens is due to your months of tireless campaigning – contacting your supermarket, speaking out on social media, signing petitions and supporting SAFE’s tv campaign. When we asked for your help to free hens from cages, you didn’t just step up, you leapt up! Your determination and compassion has changed the lives of 400,000 hens.

A life of compassion and advocacy begins with an understanding of animals, and a confidence to speak up for them. We are particularly proud of the Safe Animal Squad, our club for children aged 8 – 12 years. More than 300 bright, caring Kiwi kids have already joined, and we are excited to offer them information and a meaningful connection with other club members through a new website created just for them.

Til next time,



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