We divide every day “5000 by Friday”!!

We divide every day “5000 by Friday”!!

I don`t know how it goes to you every morning, but when I start the PC, my nerves get a hard blow. There is not a day when a new torture version of humans does not appear on animals on the Internet. We think we’ve seen it all, but every day we see cruelty that our eyes cannot bear. Because of these infinite human crimes against animals, the question arises:

Who is my fellow human being?

With whom do I live together?

But above all, I am tormented by the question: can I expect these people to change at some point?

Can I hope that I can win them through education, undercover documentation, information on the rights of animals?

And as paradoxical as it may seem, world-wide results in animal protection are often the result of an illogical and inconsistent basis.

I would like to share a personal experience:

It was a winter evening in 2011 in the pedestrian zone of the city, next to where I live. We had an info stand exclusively for signatures set up for the 8hours campaign. It was cold and there were few people. Suddenly I saw a very elegant lady, who came to see me from the department store.

She was wearing a fur coat and had an expensive leather bag. There was a Mc Donald Hamburger in her hand. “Give me the list, I want to sign, too,” she said, taking the pen.

Ha! I thought, “I do not have to beg!” The lady has signed. “Yes, but you also eat meat,” I said politely. “So what?” she said, “That I eat meat does not mean that animals must suffer”!

Oops !!

At this moment I thought of the joke with the psychiatrist:

The insane doctor asks his patient: “what is 2 and 2”?

He says: “5000”.

“Well, yes,” says the doctor, and he asks the next patient “what is 2 and 2”?

He says “Friday”.

Then the doctor asks the third one: “what is 2 and 2”?

And he answers: “4” !! “

Yes! And how did you get it? “

” Very easily! I’ve divided 5000 by Friday “!!


So, it is also in animal protection, the result counts. I estimate that 60 to 70% from the 1.2 million signers at th

at campaign, were carnivores. The illogical motives of these people have brought us 1.2 million votes!!

I think we need to develop a new mass strategy for animal protection. It is an illusion to believe that people do good only when they are logically and morally convinced.

My best regards to all




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