UK: Britain’s second biggest chicken company exposed in undercover investigation. Please watch the video.



Video evidence:


Britain’s second biggest chicken company exposed.

Dear Mark

Today we released footage filmed over the past two months on a West Country chicken farm that supplies Faccenda – the UK’s second largest chicken company.

More than 150,000 birds are housed in four giant sheds in crowded, barren conditions to end up on shelves and menus of retailers such as Nando’s, Lidl and Asda.


Some of the distressing scenes captured by our investigators include:

  • Hundreds of dead chicks being dumped every day for several days, including one who was thrown into a wheelbarrow alive with dozens of dead bodies and left for at least an hour.

  • A worker kicking birds during daily checks inside the sheds; collecting ill birds and breaking their necks, with some still alive and flapping their wings as he carried them around.

  • Lame birds in obvious discomfort attempting to walk; birds on their backs slowly dying because they are unable to stand and reach water and birds with red, raw sores from the filthy ammonia-soaked litter underfoot.

  • Workers violently catching and crating birds for transport to the slaughterhouse, including carrying birds by one leg in violation of Defra’s welfare code.

  • Our expose featured in The Times and The Independent today, alerting millions of people to the agony endured by chickens raised and killed for meat in Britain.

  • Please help spread the word by sharing our video with your friends and family, and encouraging them to discover the joys of plant-based food by signing our Love Veg pledge!

  • Thank you for helping to make the world a better place for animals.


Exec Director – Animal Equality UK.


Donation link –


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