USA: Take Action For Young Puppy Beaten With Crowbar And Dragged Behind Vehicle – The Good News Is Hes Was Rescued and Is OK.


Target: Donna Kaspar, District Attorney of Houston, Texas

Goal: Seek the maximum penalty possible for man who allegedly beat his puppy with a crow bar before dragging him down the road.

An eight-week old Labrador puppy, named Mud, was reportedly beaten with a crow bar after his owner had duct taped the poor puppy’s muzzle.

According to witnesses, the owner, 58-year-old Dwain Riley, coaxed his timid puppy outside by dangling treats in front of him.

Witnesses say that Riley then tied the puppy by the neck to his vehicle before duct-taping his muzzle and beating him with a crowbar. He sped 10 – 15 miles per hour with poor Mud dragging behind.

The injured puppy barked and managed to wrestle free and a neighbor was able to grab the dog and take him to safety.

These would be the actions of an extremely cruel, violent person who has no business owning animals. Please add your signature to the petition below to demand that Riley receive the maximum penalty and be banned from owning animals if convicted of this crime.



Dear Ms. Kaspar,

A puppy was reportedly beaten with a crowbar, then tied to the back of a vehicle and dragged. The owner had allegedly duct taped the dog’s muzzle beforehand. The puppy survived and managed to run free.

We, the undersigned, are calling on you to make sure that no other animal has to suffer this extreme violence. Please see to it that the owner is given the maximum possible penalty and banned from owning animals if found guilty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Dirlei Dionisio




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