Indonesia: Sends In The Army To Kill Monkeys Because When Food Is Scarce They Take From Humans – Nothing Said About The Human Destruction And Orangutan Deaths Due To Palmoil – Wow, We Wnder Why !!!



I read this news in “” a few days ago, here is the translation:


“Indonesia: Army should stop monkey invasion”!!

Indonesia has the army marched up – against naughty monkey bands. The animals are increasingly becoming a problem for the residents of the Boyolali district on the island of Java. The military should now help.

The chief of the district, Seno Samodro, spoke of an “invasion of hundreds of monkeys”, which could only be met with firearms. The long-tailed macaques fell massively over plantations, they steadied maize and fruits and sometimes even attacked people, complained Samodro. Alone this year monkeys had bitten eleven local residents.

The district administration therefore mobilizes soldiers, policemen, hunters and members of shooting clubs, who are to go on patrols and kill the monkeys. A local shooters’ association sends ten members every day. According to “Newsweek” against the animals however only rubber boots are used.

In the region is currently dry season, the food in nature is scarce. This forces the monkeys to look for food in humans.


And here is my response to the article:

Why the animals walk around hungry and “steal” fruit or maize the journalist does not tell us, of course.

If he had told us that Indonesia is one of the main cultivators for palm oil, and every day countless hectares of the jungle would be burnt for this shit palm oil, he might lose his job, the palm oil industry does not joke!


And only who gets this information knows that monkeys and other animals lose their homes, their food their families every day. At the beginning of the 1990s, some 150,000 orangutans still lived in Sumatra and Borneo. Today there are only 49,000.


SAV Comment

– see pictures below – the journalist does not tell us that 300  soccer fields sized areas are deforested every hour – and that 50 Orangutans are killed every week doing this. 

He claims to be a journalist but his writing is very much one sided; that in defence of the palm oil industry and of the destruction caused by the monkeys to humans who have invaded the monkeys homelands !.  What about the destruction caused by the humans in the rainforest every hour ? – tell us about that Mr Journalist.  Or do you not want people to know about an industry which kills so many wonderful animals ?

The journalist has not told us this, because he is paid neither to write truth nor real facts. For this reason, he tells us in the end that the cause of this “invasion” is the dryness.

The most successful way to cover up the truth is to confuse effect with cause. The press writes of aggressive monkeys and threatened people. And so the mass murder against the expellees is justified. We experience a lie shock every day, in the television, in the press on the radio.

I think the German press is a typical case of presstitution.

with regards to you Mark and all



Indonesia Again – The Zoo Of Death 




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