UK: 700,000 Potentially Contaminated Eggs Sent To UK From Dutch Farms.



Update 11/8/17.


Here again we see the EU doing nothing until it is too late – ignoring things just like evidence about live EU animals to Turkey.  Now that money, profits and the industry name being given a bad press, suddenly the EU ramps up a gear and becomes more involved.

The reality – they don’t care, only about their own reputation and making sure they go along with the animal mafia.  Arrests in Belgium and the Netherlands over this; lets see exactly what comes of it and more importantly, what the EU actually does about it.

More official EU Regulations on paper no doubt, paper which just gets pasted over the real cracks in the system as with all EU legislation.  Maybe the troubleshooter Mr useless Van Goethem will be put on the case – or by doing this will he get egg on his face ?

Above – EU Team ‘Do Nothing’


About 700,000 eggs have been sent to the UK from potentially contaminated Dutch farms, up from an early estimate of 21,000, the food watchdog has said.

SAV Comment – not 21k but 700k – small error – hmm !

11 products containing egg – including sandwiches and salads – have been withdrawn from supermarkets.

Dutch police have now arrested two people suspected of using the insecticide fipronil.

Scandal ‘isn’t over’

Supermarkets in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany have withdrawn millions of eggs from sale.

In the UK, processed foods containing eggs, including sandwiches and salads, have been recalled from UK supermarkets Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose and Asda.

The FSA initially thought far fewer eggs – 21,000 – had been distributed to the UK from implicated farms between March and June this year.

Prof Chris Elliott, of the Institute for Global Food Security at Queen’s University Belfast, said it was not surprising that the figure had increased by so much – and warned “the scandal isn’t over yet”.

Fipronil should not be allowed anywhere near food.

Many of the affected eggs will have already passed through the food chain before anyone was aware of the scandal.

And the FSA has now pulled egg sandwiches and egg salads off the shelves that were made while contaminated eggs were still being imported.

It follows a joint investigation by Dutch and Belgian police of several premises thought to be using the substance, which can harm humans and is banned in food production.

The Netherlands is Europe’s biggest egg producer – and one of the largest exporters of eggs and egg products in the world.

It has since emerged Belgian officials knew about the contamination in June, but did not make the information public.

More than 100 poultry farms have been closed during the investigation, and 26 suspects identified and evidence seized from their companies.

It is thought that fipronil was added to disinfectant used on some chicken farms.

PS – Vegans do NOT eat eggs !


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