Australia: CommBank just ruled out funding Adani’s Carmichael coal mine! – News From Greenpeace.


Hi Mark

BIG NEWS: CommBank just ruled out funding Adani’s Carmichael coal mine! [1]

This is an incredible win for people power. But we can’t stop now: it looks like CommBank will release its new climate policy on Monday – and we have to push them to go further by ruling out funding fossil fuels completely.

Can you urgently call CommBank’s feedback hotline, and ask it to ditch fossil fuels for good?

CALL NOW: 1800 805 605 or (02) 9687 0756

In the past 18 months, CommBank has funded more pollution than any other Australian bank. [2] It’s great news that it’s finally joined 23 other banks in ruling out the reef-destroying Carmichael mine – but CBA needs to do much more than that if it wants to show it’s taking climate change seriously.

14 other banks around the world have already ruled out funding new coal projects. [3] Let’s get CBA on that list.

If hundreds of us call today and over the weekend (it’s a 24 hour line!), we stand a real chance of getting the bank to go further and rule out funding all fossil fuels.

Do you have 5 minutes to spare? Get on the blower now!

Call Commbank on 1800 805 605 or (02) 9687 0756.


  • Be polite

  • Acknowledge they’ve made progress in ruling out funding the Carmichael coal mine

  • Tell them that you want them to commit to ruling out financing all new fossil fuels

Such an extraordinary amount of hard work from tens of thousands of people all around Australia has led CommBank to rule out funding Carmichael today – now let’s go ten steps further, and get them to ditch fossil fuels in Monday’s climate policy announcement.

Jacki, Jonathan, Barney, Simon & the team at Greenpeace Australia Pacific


[1] Financial Review: CBA says it has not been asked to fund Adani mine: [paywall]

[2] Market Forces: Banks 2 Degrees Scorecard:

[3] BankTrack: A guide to the latest new banking sector commitments on reducing coal financing:



The rest have got it right – Paris and all that !





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