Britain’s Last Barbaric SeaTrade.


Note that although this is England – Ramsgate is on the Kent SE English coast, all the transporters are Dutch – you can tell by the ‘BV’ carried at the end of the name above the cab or the yellow number plate with 3 sets of 2 digits.  Obviously all left hand drive also – we have right hand drives in the UK.  Policing paid for by the people of Kent from their taxes – a Conservative government which takes the money and does nothing but allowing this to happen.

The whole set up, including the ferry named ‘Joline’, is operated by a Dutchman named ‘Onderwater’.  He was convicted in a UK court (Folkestone) several years ago and fined in excess of £10,000 due to animal welfare convictions.  He is a UK convicted criminal found guilty in a British court of law.  Why does the EU still allow him to operate ? – why does the gutless UK Conservative government allow this to continue ?

You know what, they (EU and UK government) are both as bad as each other; which is just as bad as Onderwater.

They talk about respect – what with this – you must be joking !

Photos by friend Val Cameron:


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