USA: President Trump Calls Elephant Hunting A Horror Show After Trophy Import Ruling Chages. So Where Does The USA Actually Stand On This ?


Donald Trump calls elephant hunting a ‘horror show’ after trophy import ruling

Washington: President Donald Trump on Sunday called elephant hunting a “horror show” and strongly suggested he will permanently block imports of elephant trophies from two African nations despite his administration’s earlier approval of the plan.

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SAV Comment – So Why was the (President) Obama ruling from 2014 ever changed in the first place ?

Was it simply another ‘Republicans against Obama’ issue that is getting up Trumps nose; and by doing this he can then claim that the Republicans enforced / introduced the (new /revised) legislation?

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Germany: The infiltration of the animal rights scene by right-wing extremists.


The infiltration of the animal rights scene by right-wing extremists.

In recent years, one hears or reads more and more often in forums about animal rights, that it does not matter which political side you are with, and with which political forces you cooperate; the main thing is, you do it for the animals.

Meanwhile, some web page that I personally know are controlled by rights and spread the right-wing ideology in the name of the animals.
Experience has shown that with animal friendly slogans one reaches more people in Germany than with xenophobic ones.

“Animal protection is homeland security”, stands since then in the party program of the neo-Nazis! The right-wing extremists know that political messages can be better communicated if they are combined with a soft theme, such as animal welfare.

The animal rights community has now recognized that it has a major problem with the infiltration of the right, and therefore some associations have organized informative lectures last year: “Handling neo-Nazis in animal movements”.

The ex-chairman of the animal welfare party Germany Stefan Eck, considers the infiltration in this party for completed!

As of December 31, 2014, Eck announced his exit from the animal protection party. As a reason, he gave the following public statement on his Facebook page:
“There are a considerable number of members of the Federal Executive Board who neither have the insight nor the will to consistently distance themselves from party members or people in their political environment with a right-wing populist or even right-wing extremist past and reject any cooperation with them. I cannot tolerate this because of my innermost conviction. ”

But leading figures of other large and well-known animal rights organizations in Germany show solidarity with the heads of right-wing parties or with ex-NPD officials in public at events for animals (NPD = National Democratic Party of Germany, a far-right political party in Germany).
And they allow flyers with neo-Nazi slogans to be distributed in demos against fur or animal transports!

I see a great danger if the animal rights scene does not distance itself politically from the right-wing extremists. For the activists can only lose, and the animal rights idea as well.
Right-wing extremists are not “slightly confused” animal rights activists with good intentions, but cool-calculating neo-Nazis who need new voters. Considering that Germans hold 30 million pets, more than the citizens of any other EU country, it is easy to understand why the neo-Nazis have chosen the animal rights scene as a lucrative field of activity.

Organizations that propagate their fascist convictions under the guise of “animal welfare” are no cooperation partners for me.
Two groups I have supported in the past with articles and contributions no longer exist for me since they have degenerated into propaganda vehicles of a vile ideology.


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