China: Breaking Video: Donkeys Bashed With Sledgehammers in China—Take Action!



Breaking Video: Donkeys Bashed With Sledgehammers in China—Take Action!

PETA Asia just released eyewitness video footage of the Chinese donkey-skin trade, which is fueled by the demand for a traditional “medicine” that contains ejiao, gelatin made from donkey skin. The exposé reveals that thousands of donkeys are crammed into filthy concrete-floored pens, beaten with sticks at the donkey market, and bashed in the head with a sledgehammer at the slaughterhouse.

Ejiao can be found in beverages, candy, and even beauty products. Donkeys are now being imported into China for slaughter from other countries in Asia and from nations in the Middle East, Africa, and South America in order to meet the demand. While some countries, such as Pakistan and 10 African nations, have closed Chinese-funded slaughterhouses and developed policies to ban the export of donkey skin to China, others are shamefully considering a live-export trade. The industry is fueling a black market for donkeys, and many are being stolen or slaughtered illegally so that people can profit from China’s medicinal market.

The Northern Territory government in Australia exports donkey hides to China to support the cruel ejiao industry and is considering expanding this business by implementing a live-donkey export industry. View video footage from our exposé, and please urge Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to ban exports of live donkeys to China immediately.

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The PETA Asia Team

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