England: Slaughterhouse cctv Consultation Now Closed – Hopefully Legislation Soon.

A comment on the dancing butcher.


“To be happy, a butcher does not need good or crown
Work has its own reward! “(Bertolt Brecht)

And this is a dance of death in a slaughterhouse in Sao Paolo!
In the presence of enthusiastic colleagues, a butcher organizes a dance of death in Samba style.
He proves the last tribute to the slaughtered animal by dancing with it.
With the knife in his hand yet, he bows to his dance partner and thus completes the act of death.

For me the tragedy of this show is in his conviction that only the pig is dead.
But in reality, the butcher himself is dead, only he does not know, that’s the tragedy of history.
Empathy, respect, sensitivity, even professionalism, everything is dead inside him.

He could not dance a better presentation of his bluntness, of his moral mutilation.
It’s the death dance of zombies.
A moral corpse, that’s what he is, what they are all human carnivores.


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Now here in England we have reached a major position in this campaign.

Whilst many of us would love to see all the slaughterhouses entirely closed down, the government has announced that it intends to install cctv in all areas of all slaughterhouses where animals are present.  Crucially, slaughterhouse vets (which are required by law) will be allowed unrestricted access to all of the footage.

This is a significant amount of progress in a long and hard campaign. We welcome the proposals but like many others, still say that you can never make the process of killing animals cruelty free.  In the very welcome consultation, which does take the views of all sides involved, there have been demands from welfare groups to allow for proper independent spot checking of footage.

The consultation period has now closed, but welfare organisations are keeping up the pressure to ensure that all the plans are implemented.  There are also campaigns in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; which along with England make up the whole of the UK, to introduce similar legislation

There has been good news in Scotland where the Scottish Parliament has pledged to also hold a consultation on the issue.

Hopefully soon we will witness new cctv legislation in both England and Scotland.   This is a major victory for the welfare groups who at the end of the day are trying to get the best they can for animals.

We will continue to update on this important issue whenever we have more news. 

You can best help by going Vegan and preventing any animals from going to slaughter in the first place!





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‘Free Tibet’ (London) – All Is Underway For The New Video.

Pre-production in full swing

Just a quick update to let you know that pre-production on the film is underway. This week we are talking and meeting with writers who are helping us lock down the film’s script!

Once it is complete, we will then be finalising our illustration/animation team, so keep a look out for updates on that in the coming weeks.

Also, for those who ordered Tibetan flags and T-shirts, the last of these are being shipped out this week, so expect them in your mailboxes soon.







Germany: Investigations Find Chicken Meat Carries The Risk of Intestinal Inflammation.

Dear  Mark,

I read this interesting report about chicken meat, and immediately wanted to give even more joy to all those, who prepare joyful the meat-menü for the weekend!!

Robert Koch Institute: Chicken meat carries the risk of intestinal inflammation!!

(www.Merkur.de): In the waiting room of doctors sit more and more people with stomach aches and diarrhea. The Robert Koch Institute examined the increase of these cases. Result: The greatest risk comes from Campylobacter pathogens.

Behind diarrhea and severe abdominal pain is often the bacterial pathogen Campylobacter: The biggest risk of such bacterial enteritis is according to a study in Germany from chicken meat.
About one third of the illnesses could be avoided if the risk factor were eliminated, say experts of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in a recent publication.

Insufficiently heated poultry meat has long been regarded as an important source of infection.

Campylobacter cause inflammation of the small intestine, which is often associated with diarrhea and fever.
The number of reported Campylobacter diseases has been increasing since 2001, compared with around 74,000 cases last year.

It is thus the most common bacterial notifiable disease in Germany.

Experts suspect, according to RKI, that the true number of diseases in the population is “almost ten times higher”. Salmonella is significantly less frequently registered in 2016, with 13 000 reported illnesses.

The authors consider as major risk factors for Campylobacter disease, eating out and preparing prepackaged chicken meat at home. Among other things, well over 2000 questionnaires that had been proven to fill patients had been evaluated. They say that by 2018, Campylobacter limits would be set on poultry carcasses in the European Union.
Campylobacter are bacteria from the intestinal tract of animals, they can get on the meat during slaughter.

Raw milk, minced meat and sausage are also sources of infection.

Also, kitchen hygiene is important: when using the same cutting boards, for example, can pass from raw meat to salad.

But the best thing to do is not to eat meat.

For the welfare of the animals and for your own health!






England: London – 25th Christmas (Animal) Anti Cruelty Fayre – 3/12/17 – 10am to 5pm.


100 Ethical Stands

4 Vegan Cafes

Prize Draw and Goody Bags

Lush Zone


Talks (Animal Rights)

Cookery Demonstrations

Children’s Workshop – Face Painting etc.

When:  Sunday 3rd December 2017.

Where:  Kensington Town Hall – just off the High Street.

(See sht. 2 below for more).



SAV Comment  – A great day out for all you animal friends in Ol’ London Town.

We have enjoyed many great days  there in the past – a real haven for animal people.


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