Free Tibet London – Tibet under Xi Jinping: Five years of suffocation.


Tibet under Xi Jinping: Five years of suffocation

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Tibet remains under de-facto marshal law and those who resist face violent crackdowns. Basic human rights are denied to Tibetans and many face severe punishments simply for waving the Tibetan flag or keeping photos of the Dalia Lama.

International human rights organisations generally agree that the situation has become worse under Xi. While occupied Tibet has always scored poorly in assessments made by Freedom House in recent years it has been rated the second worst place for freedom across the world. This puts it below North Korea and only just above war-torn Syria.






EU: Take Part In An EU Consultation Re Illegal Ivory Trade – Closing Date 8/12/17. Little Time To Act.

The European Commission has called on the public to participate in a consultation to gather views on the ivory trade in Europe and what actions should be taken against the illegal ivory trade.

Global elephant populations are rapidly declining, with 20,000-30,000 elephants killed every year. Meanwhile, the ivory trade has grown and demand fuels both the legal and illegal trades.  The EU is the single largest exporter of ivory items, acting as a main transit route for ivory coming out of Africa; the products mainly destined for Asian markets.

The EU is lagging behind, which undermines international efforts to ban the trade. This stokes global demand and increases the pressure elephant populations.

The elephants need you to speak up for them and before Friday 8th December!


Take part in the online consultation

If you have problems with the above, then try this link – SAV: 

It will take about 10 minutes to complete and you can save a draft of your response until you are ready to submit. ADI will also be submitting a full response to the consultation.

Thank you for taking action for the elephants.

A similar consultation process is being carried out in the UK and we will be in touch soon to ask for your help once again.  If we don’t stand up for the elephants now, they will be gone.

To support our campaigns to protect elephants and other threatened wildlife,

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Yours for the animals

Jan Creamer


England: The Carnage Begins – Campaign News From ‘Respect for Animals’.


Fur campaign updates from Mark and the crew at ‘Respect’.


  • Finnish fur farms show horrific obesity in foxes.

  • Gucci goes fur free.

  • Fashion giants agree the future is fur free.

  • Czech fur farming ban is official.

  • Bad news from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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