Serbia: Felix Shelter News 19/11 – No Heating For Over A Month – Please Donate If You Can.

Today was our monthly interferon day for all FiV+ kitties in CSF.

Gemma, Jaki, Alana, Attila, Kremko, Samson and Cormac have received their Roferon dose via subcutaneous injections.


Since the cold weather and no heating gas have been giving us a hard time for over a month now, all kitties with runny noses and teary eyes received Hemomicyn antibiotics and eye drops. 😓😖

And because all of them were so brave during their medical treatment

💪💪💪, even those who were brave enough to watch 😹, all 150 residents of our CSF Sanctuary received some extra delicious snacks 😻 – a gift from one our donors who wished to stay anonymous. 😽💕

Most of you are aware of our current and alarming situation – we have no heating gas, no wet canned food, and we are in debts for earlier supplies of wet canned feline food and veterinary expenses.


Also, before the end of the year, we need to treat all our protegees against ecto and endo parasites and vaccinate them against rabies.

So, please, if you can find a place in your heart during this caring and giving season for these 150 kitties until the situation gets better, donate to Cat Shelter Felix using our PayPal account:

Even $1 US can make a difference for our residents and your generosity and kindness will be appreciated with the respect you deserve.

In the name of all of our residents – Thank you.
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