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Especially where the EU Commissions are involved.


USA: Wolves In Danger Of Losing Their Much Needed Protection – Thanks To …….


SAV Comment – we have not really covered much regarding US issues over the past few months because of a team of Muppets – led by one named Muppet Trump, is  doing all that is possible to destroy the natural beauty of the USA.  Over the years, I (Mark) have visited the US probably about a dozen times.  All the time this Republican and his cronies and climate deniers are at the helm, I can absolutely guarantee that I will never visit again.  In the past I respected and admired the USA for its natural beauty.  Thanks to this clown now, so much of that is under threat – I cannot even begin to muster any willingness to re visit.  The message below from Kieran simply sums up the complete and utter disregard for nature that Trump and his get rich quick crew have for nature and the creatures that depend on protection and decent legislation.  We will resume to publish some news and articles from US organisations; but I fear that there will be no good news for the animals.  This below is the first, and special to me as I am very much a ‘wolf’ person.  Trumpy and Rex don’t really give a toss about protecting wildlife – they talk about MAGA, whilst at the same time discouraging people like me from ever visiting the wildlife of the USA ever again.   I wonder how long the USA will remain with its natural beauty when their are people like Trumpy with flashing ‘Dollar eyes’ and a brain that thinks of nothing more.  The people and politicians of Europe know what he is about, and now he is licking the ass of those terrible Chinese that were so much at the front of his election campaign.  He bleats on about MAGA whilst at the same time, his daughter imports over 50 tonnes of Chinese sweatshop made clothing for her label! – do these people have any standards or are they just dollar blind ? – Time will tell.





Hi Mark,

The most anti-wildlife Congress we’ve ever seen is now taking aim at gray wolves in the Great Lakes region.

A bill to strip Endangered Species Act protections from these wolves — opening them up to more killing — is making its way through the House. We can’t let this happen.

The Center’s Endangered Species Act Protection Fund needs your support today.

Great Lakes wolves have made tremendous progress, growing from fewer than 1,000 wolves in a small corner of northeastern Minnesota to more than 4,000 wolves across Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin.

But their recovery will end if federal protections are removed prematurely. This anti-wolf Congress is considering legislation to reinstate a 2011 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service decision that stripped away Endangered Species Act protection for Great Lakes gray wolves.

In 2014, a federal judge overturned the federal wildlife agency’s decision, noting its scientific and legal flaws. The U.S. Court of Appeals reaffirmed that decision — ending wolf hunts and highlighting how much more is needed before wolves can be considered fully recovered.

But now Trump and his cronies are continuing their war on wolves. States like Wisconsin have already enacted aggressive killing policies aimed at drastically reducing wolf populations by more than half and allowing the cruel practice of using hounds to hunt them.

If the proposed legislation passes, gray wolves will face even more threats.

These wolves deserve to thrive in their natural habitat and to raise their packs free from the threat of hunters and trappers. As their populations grow, we must continue to protect these packs and not allow them to be put back in the crosshairs.

The Center has been working to defend Great Lakes wolves for years, fighting to keep their federal protection and to ban hunting and trapping.

Please join us in protecting wolves by giving to our Endangered Species Act Protection Fund today.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity





England: Fox Hunters Hit Women – Female Sab Is Knocked To The Ground By Hunt Supporter.

Pictures – West Midlands Hunt Sabs

Showing their true colours;

Male Hunters get a kick out of hitting women as well as killing foxes !

Female Hunt Sab assaulted by one of those with a blood lust.

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and see the real side of hunting —