Germany: Civil Obedience.

Society and Truth.

Sunday 3/12 there was an action from “anonymous for the voiceless” in my town.
Two people wear the Guy Fawkes mask on their faces and a poster in their hands with the word “truth”.
So nobody could see the person and recognize him.
But as soon as a passerby reads the word, he will be curious about the people next door.
These two other people standing next door carry two laptops in their hands and show pictures from the slaughterhouse.
And they also wear masks on their faces.

I also participated in this action, I was the person with the mask and the poster.
Many people were shocked at the cruel pictures.
But most tried to avoid the place of action.
I could hear some “arguments” coming from people who have come to dialogue but just to justify their meat consumption:

1.  My conscience is pure, because I buy my meat from the farmer next door.
2.  You can actually slaughter animals in small farms, painless, and my neighbor does that.
3. I am also pet-friendly, I also have two dogs myself.
4. Actually, animals have been always slaughtered, that’s natural.
5. If anything was useful to that stupid vegan diet, it would have prevailed.
6. Although I have no idea about animal rights and animal ethics, all this is argumentatively totally weak.
7. It’s just like that, we cannot change anything.


It was already cold and I could not see much effect on this action.
That’s why I went home after two hours.
On the way home, I thought: our problem is Civil Obedience.
Our problem is that people around the world unconditionally obey the propaganda of the meat mafia, and with their obedience they allow the agonizing death of billions of beings.
Our problem is that we remain obedient, even if we look at these pictures, those of today, when we see crime, sadism, violence, we still remain obedient to a system that would not exist without this obedience.

When I came home and restarted my PC, I read some very good news that healed my frustration with the Anonymous campaign: the signatures against our Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt are over one million already.

This minister voted in favor of glyphosate, now more than a million people demand his resignation.
It was good news which gave me hope again, that the next Minister of Agriculture in Germany will have less criminal energy against animals than Schmidt.

Best Regards to all