Keep On Keeping On Through 2018.

Happy 2018 Everyone – Have a great year campaigning

– with many BIG positives on the horizon.

For us, and as further determination to improve in 2018, the major victory of the year 2017 lies with the incredible Jill at Animals Asia and the signing of an agreement with the Viet Nam government to free every single bile bear in the country (0ver 4,000 bears) and give them all new cruelty free homes at AA sanctuaries.  Read more on this at: 

That without doubt can be considered the major animal event of the year.   There are many more; people ditching meat and taking up a cruelty free lifestyle instead; animals in circuses; the great news we have just had here in the UK that the government will not consider a free vote on the return to hunting.  So much more good news !

So much has been achieved, but there is still so much to do.  But it can, and will be achieved.   Nowdays, with the use of computer systems and instant global audiences being at fingertips, news, campaigns and actions can be undertaken within a few seconds of events happening.  This is how it is now and how the future will be – animal abusers will continue to be exposed and as with the UK government, they (governments) will be driven into a corner where they have no option but to do what the people, their voters, want.  Democracy is powerful, ok !

Lets make this drive to get governments to listen and act positively for the animals who have no voice our determination for 2018.

On such days and as the old year goes on, the need to determine and evaluate who we are, will become more pressing.
Saying “we”, who do we mean?
I want to explain it, so that no one complains and reproaches me that I have not sent him any New Year’s wishes.

As far as my wishes are concerned, they do not follow a conventional hypocrisy, and that’s why I will not address everyone.

I appeal to us.
To those who fight, because they want to change a system of violence, of crime, to change a system of tyranny against the animals.
I turn to those who, with every means, every force, help to build a new future for the animals, without blood, without slavery.
I turn to the enemies of slaughterhouses and concentration camps, to the  enemies of a fur, leather, hunting.
To the saviors of the strays, to the brave ones who are not afraid to show the animal killers.

It is not another world view, or any other opinion that separates us from the others.

What makes us different is about an advanced ethic, an ethic for animals, which is confirmed every day by our struggle, the fight for the liberation of animals, for the liberation of animals from tyranny, and the brutal exploitation of others.
We are few, but we are organized, determined, and we are not tired.
We are the progress against the anachronism.
To all of us I send my warmest wishes for a year full of health, strength and courage.










‘Boom Boom, Bang Bang; Lie Down Your Dead’

…… ‘They build them a home’

  • its called ‘EU Brussels’

  • A place where nothing is progressive when it comes to animal welfare.


… ‘Incurable Tyrants and Kings’ ….