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Serbia: Felix Shelter News – December 2017.

Another year at Cat Shelter Felix is quickly coming to an end. We’ve had bad days, worse days, sad days, good days and the best days…

We’ve learned some lessons, especially regarding certain people we thought we could trust, unexpected failures, empty words and broken promises. But we’ve also been blessed with many old and new magnificent friends who were by our side through thick and thin. Katrina Fillo is one of them, and thanks to her, the efforts she’s made and everyone who has decided to step in and take part in her auction, our kitties will receive the first portion of heating gas, so there will be no more freezing time for a while. Thank you all so much! And a special thank you to Katrina, the kind person who lives on the other side of the globe and who still found a place in her heart for our furry residents. No words can express how grateful we are.

The same goes to our friends who have shared our sorrows and joys over all of these years and who always think about our kitties, no matter what. Everything we are able to do is a mutual effort, because none of this would be possible without support from all of you.

We’ve started this year with a little over 100 cats, and we’ll end this year with 150 of them, more or less. We’ve lost some of them, but they will never be forgotten and we already miss them dearly. Willow, Milton, Venus, Serena, Alethe, Frca, Tufnica, Augusta, Ziggy, Zack, to name just a few, are no longer with us and recently two of our seniors have passed away peacefully due to their old age, Okac and Trecac. Every loss is difficult and we’ll never get used to saying the last goodbye to our companions we have loved so much.

We were also able to help and save dozens of new furry fighters: Srna, Tessa, Ebony, Argos, Jack, Finn, Hailey, Sheena, Orin, brave mom Raena and her five babies, plus one orphaned little one, the four cats who lost their owner and their home, and many, many more. We’ve also managed to get our outside chained link fencing replaced with a new and better one, so our kitties are safe from any harm and can no longer escape.

And although we don’t feel like we’re just running in place anymore, we’re still far from our goal. There are still veterinary debts that need to be paid off since our kitties get ill all the time due to this cold weather. We also need to pay out our debts for wet canned food and get new quantities of food soon, because we’re almost out of it and the holidays are approaching soon… Yes, we’re scared if we’ll be able to provide all of our residents with food. Their annual vaccine shots against rabies are mandatory and obligatory but we’re not even close to getting this done and we have only three weeks more left.

So please, if you think that every living being on this planet deserves the same amount of love, care and nurture, help us keep our residents happy and safe. They are not asking for any kind of luxury, we only need to fulfill their most basic needs.

Every donations counts, as there is no such thing as a small contribution.

Please help them to get through yet another winter or at least be at peace during the upcoming holiday season. Let them learn they’re not just cats, unimportant and replaceable. Show them they’re unique and priceless. Make them finally know they count to someone.

Felix – Felinolosko drustvo, Subotica, Serbia
PayPal: savage1@shaw.ca
SWIFT/BIC: VBUBRS22 (Vojvodjanska banka a.d. Novi Sad)
IBAN: RS35355000320003120311

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England: VivaHealth Deceber 2017.

Who is that sitting at the back door ? – wanting some food no doubt !


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Dozens of festive foods to enjoy.





Famous Anti-Corrida Fighter Jean Pierre Garrigues Has Passed Away Aged Only 53 Years.

SAV Comment – Terrible news.  We hope that others will pick up the fight to undertake all the dedicated work JP did.  His work and efforts to protect animals being abused for fun will be sadly missed.  Thank you for your compassion and respect for all living beings Jean Pierre.

Hi Mark,
I have just read today that the famous anti-corrida fighter Jean Pierre Garrigues has died. He was only 53 years old.

I am very sad, I knew him from the media and the press reports as an activist that even the aficionados were afraid of him.

Because he acted directly during a bullfight, and has often managed to cancel a fight; he was a very passionate anti-bullfighting activist.

Now the bulls have one supporter less.
Just sad.