UK: Morrisons ignores calls to drop failing farm – So Now Further Action Required.


Morrisons ignores calls to drop failing farm

(All photos below from AE UK)



Video Footage – **WARNING** – Animals Suffering.

Last month we released footage exposing animal welfare and public health violations on an East Yorkshire pig farm that supplies Morrisons supermarket.

We sent our footage to the company immediately and demanded that it drops the farm – but we have not received any response.

During two visits to Poplar Farm this autumn our investigators found pigs with open, bleeding wounds on their ears; severely lame pigs left in a pen with other pigs; pregnant pigs kept in barren, concrete pens without any enrichment and severely scarred pigs who appeared to be victims of aggression caused by the harsh living conditions. 

In violation of legislation governing disposal of dead animals – intended to minimise the public health risk associated with diseased animals – two dead pigs were left out in the open yard overnight. One had clearly been shot in the head. 


We are calling on Morrisons, and all supermarkets, to adopt a zero-tolerance policy on animal welfare breaches. Farms that leave injured and ill animals to suffer should be dropped immediately by retailers!


Please contact Morrisons’ CEO David Potts at

and urge him to drop Poplar Farm immediately. You can also share the above video on Twitter and tag @Morrisons, demanding it takes action.



And if you haven’t yet signed our petition demanding action for all of Britain’s pigs please take a moment to sign & share that too!

Thank you for giving farmed animals a voice.

Toni Shephard

Exec Director – Animal Equality UK.


Hit Morrisons where it financially hurts – especially at Christmas;

Boycott ALL stores.



India: More Amazing Rescue Videos From The Superb Team At Animal Aid Unlimited.


More absolutely amazing rescue videos from our friends at ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ in India.

Watch the rescue of Mikki; who had a terrible maggot infested wound, through to the beautiful little happy dog she is today.



Only one chance to rescue a desperate puppy.


Frightened and confused by an excruciating and huge wound, this sweetheart was also suffering from a bad case of mange. But she still had the strength to run away, and our rescue team knew if she dodged our net she’d surely die.

By the luckiest miracle she jumped into an overturned boat and gave our team just the chance they needed. Watch the beautiful result of 6 weeks of treatment and love. Watch adorable Mikki’s joy. She will never leave your heart. 


We got a call to rescue a dog stuck in a gate. But when we arrived, our rescuers found an old dog in much more serious trouble. Not only was she completely stuck between very narrow bars in a gate, but she had massive maggot infested wounds on her backside.

Unable to pull her body through the bars or pry them open, we had to call in a metal cutter and have him cut one of the bars off the gate.

Once we got her back to the shelter, we began treating her wounds, started fluids for her dehydration, antibiotics and pain medication. Her wounds were severe, and with her old age recovery would be an uphill battle. But Dotty is a brave, spirited little lady, and she wasn’t about to give up.

Please donate today for street animals who need you now!


Amazing – probably the best rescue of them all – SAV.

Three tiny angels were trapped in hardened tar. They were so completely stuck, they couldn’t move a muscle. It looked like they’d been engulfed for hours, and one little baby’s mouth was even stuck open. Neighbors had heard their heart-wrenching cries for help and had called Animal Aid.

Prying them loose was impossible for the tense rescue team, so we had to cut the tar loose from the rocks below and bring the puppies and the tar and gravel they were stuck in back to the hospital.

Determined volunteers and staff spent hours to soften the tar with oil and dishsoap, with time out only to plant kisses on the puppies’ noses. Multiple warm baths later…and wow.

For babies who had been on the brink of death, this is what happiness looks like.

Please donate to save street animals in the most desperate need.


The eyes of the animals caught on film at the moment their rescuers arrive say it all–“somebody please help me.” And when street animals are desperately trapped, “moving heaven and earth” is exactly what we have to do to help them. Thank you for giving so generously to make sure that no matter how tough the rescue, the next angel and the next will not be left alone to die.


Please donate for the animals who are waiting for a miracle.


Last minute holiday shopping needs are answered! Sponsor a sweetheart as a beautiful gift. But hurry!


Animal Sponsorship is so easy. Choose your sponsored sweetheart. Donate $75. Tell us the name of the person you’re dedicating the sponsorship to. But this is important: order before December 21st to get your e-certificate in time to print, frame and wrap it!


Please sponsor today 

for street animals in India who need your help.


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