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From the BBC series ‘Some Mothers Do Av Em’



Austria: Tame Breeding Ducks ‘Trained’ To Be Shot and Killed By So Called ‘Hunters’.

Austria: Mensdorff-Pouilly * lets trained captive breeders shoot.
VGT has filed a criminal complaint

I translate directly from Martin Balluchs blog; the corresponding video is added:

“Incredible what the pictures in this video show!

The hunting assistants and hunting overseers of Mensdorff-Pouilly not only buy tame breeding ducks from Hungary and place them in their artificial duck pond, but they also train them with the whistle pipe.

Like a “rat catcher”, the hunting helper goes with the ducks in the back to an aviary for feeding. There, the ducks, which are to be the victims for the next hunt, are selected and locked in the aviary.

Then the hunters position themselves in front of the artificial duck pond and the ducks are driven out of the aviary and startled.

On the return to the pond the hunters shoot them from the air!

This approach is of course illegal and animal cruelty.

The authority knows it, but nobody has done anything – for decades!
Now VGT (the association against animal factories) has filed a complaint.
It is a primitive, infantile hunting fun that is driven by someone, behind whom the entire hunt stands. That specified the district hunter master “.


My comment:

At the moment, the activist Martin Balluch comes more often in the media of Austria as the Prime Minister. He acts against the hunt and he has made possible that the gate hunting in Austria will soon be abolished.

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*Baron Alfons Mensdorff-Pouilly is a noble landowner who, according to the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), is said to be a lobbyist for the British arms company BAE Systems.