UK? England: Government Gives Up On Hunting Free Vote – British Wildlife Is Safe !

Brilliant news – no free vote in the House, and so to all purposes,  the Hunting Act will now stand no chance of being repealed to return to hunting with hounds.  Talk in the pub about it tonight – everyone happy that British wildlife is safe from those in the pinks (Redcoats).

A new poll reported by The Independent today shows that 85 per cent of the public support maintaining the current ban on hunting with hounds.


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For non UK visitors, The Independent is  a major and well respected daily newspaper.



Interesting article which lifts the lid a bit more on hunts:



Public opposition to fox hunting remains at an all-time high, new polling figures released today reveal.

Polling carried out by Ipsos MORI1 commissioned by the League Against Cruel Sports, found opposition to the legalisation of ‘blood sports’ – the hunting of foxes, hare and deerremains high across Great Britain, with 85% of the public in support of keeping the ban on fox hunting, including 81% of people living in rural areas.

The polling figures come at the end of a turbulent year for hunting, where the Government’s announcement to offer a free vote on repealing the Hunting Act triggered a public outcry, causing the issue to become one of the most talked about during the election, and the National Trust also coming under fire for continuing to allow trail hunting on its land.



Vinnie Wins !


Dave we have made them sit up and listen – you win-Victory !





England: ‘Our Patch’. Just Down The Road From London, But Different.

To take a short break from animal issues, we considered that it may be worth showing you our ‘local patch’ in Kent, England.  Central London is about 25 miles away, so our area is pretty natural considering we are so close to one of the major cities of the world.


In the first video above you can take a cold, Winter morning bike ride through rather flat and uninteresting (just purchased|) Jeskyns land which is not yet planted up with trees; you then carry on up through the narrow roads of Cobham village, which is located very near to us.  Note – we drive on the left, so do not worry if it seems strange to some of you !

Here is a bit more about Cobham – famous as a haunt for Charles Dickens the Author.

He used to drink in ‘The Leather Bottle’ inn which you can see in the video.  A beautiful pub which we have enjoyed a beer in many times !

We are not religious, but there are some rather special places linked with the church – again see them in the video.


The ride then continues through our wonderful natural wooded areas until it reaches the Cobham Mausoleum – burial site for a dynasty from the past; which is located in a woodland area (owned by the Woodland Trust) and which has just undergone a major re vamp restoration by several natural parties.

The final video below shows Jeskyns as it is more recently, planted up with many trees growing and doing fine.  The Forestry Commission (England) purchased the (bare farming) land around 10 years ago and since then we have become more involved and seen thousands of trees planted there.  Dogs and their walkers can really enjoy the huge space and acres of woodland to walk through.  Before you get back in your car to leave, you can grab a cuppa and bite to eat in the Jeskyns Café, and also pick up some produce such as apples from the Jeskyns orchards. 

The Jeskyns orchards produce over 750 different varieties of apple.

Enjoy our patch ! – go up the road to London town, or stay here and chill out !SAV.


Our county – Have a look round our fab county;

– if you want castles and gardens then Kent is your county: