Serbia – Lets find Sima a forever home !

Danijela Stojanovic

7 hrs

Krajnje je vreme da Sima nadje dom!
Temperamentan, razigran, dobar sa ljudima i drugim psima ali ne bas i sa macama.
Ima oko 18 meseci, bacen kao malo stene na ulicu i od tada u pansionu. Kastriran, vakcinisan, cipovan i sve ostalo sto treba uradjeno. Dajte da Sima zapocne Novu godinu u novom domu!

Lets find Sima a home !

He is about 18 months old, castrated, vaccinated and completely ready for adoption.

Medium sized, weight about 20 kilogram.
Very playful, good with people, other dogs but not so much with cats.

Can you help with a forever home ?

Check out the following for further details




USA: High-Speed Slaughter is Hell for Pigs – You Can Help Stop the Cruelty.

High-Speed Slaughter is Hell for Pigs

– You Can Help Stop the Cruelty

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has proposed a scary new slaughter method for pigs that ramps up kill speed while slashing regulation.

This high speed, reduced-inspection program, known as HIMP, shifts key inspection responsibilities to the slaughterhouses themselves, allowing animal abuse and food safety problems to go unmonitored.

Under HIMP, 1,300 pigs are slaughtered each hour — about one every five seconds.

During the pilot program, Compassion Over Killing investigator Scott David worked undercover at Quality Pork Processing, an exclusive Hormel supplier, in Austin, Minnesota. What he encountered there was a shocking disregard for animal welfare and federal law.

This video features David recounting his experience, as well as horrific footage from inside the slaughterhouse:


The USDA’s terrible proposal is now open to public comment.

Use your voice to stop the high-speed torture of pigs.

Click here to take action: 


See the sample text below, and click here to leave your comment.

Sample Comment

I strongly oppose the Modernization of Swine Slaughter Inspection rule, which endangers animals, consumers, and American workers. Under this dangerous rule, the New Swine Slaughter Inspection System (NSIS) would give slaughter plants free reign to kill at irresponsibly high speeds with severely inadequate oversight. An investigation by Compassion Over Killing of a pilot high-speed slaughter program exposed pigs dragged, kicked, excessively shocked, and improperly stunned by workers who struggled just to keep up — risking their own safety in the process. I urge you to abandon this cruel and reckless proposal, for the good of pigs and humans.


Petition Link: