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You cannot get any better than being ‘cured’ – Mark.

The Cure are an English rock band formed in Crawley, West Sussex in 1976.

The band has experienced several line-up changes, with vocalist, guitarist, and principal songwriter Robert Smith being the only constant member.





Brazil: Breaking News – Brazil Has Stopped Live Animal Exports.

UPDATE 6/2/18

Mark, I wanted to update you on the unfolding situation for animals in Brazil.
A few hours ago the injunction halting live export from Brazil was lifted.

This didn’t surprise us, considering the exporters have powerful political allies and were always going to fight tooth and nail to keep their trade.

But with the historic Federal Court case examining the ‘merits’ of Brazil’s live export trade still pending, our fight to spare animals from the misery of live export is far from over.

I’ve been humbled by the overwhelming response to our request for assistance over the past 24 hours. As a direct result, I have been able to send our investigators into the field, tasked with gathering the evidence needed to give this case the best possible chance of success.

Knowing what was at stake, I’m proud to say that they didn’t hesitate to head off on what will inevitably, once again, be a difficult and distressing mission.

The injunction may have been lifted, but exporters in Brazil are far from sitting comfortably. The Federal Court’s damning assessment of their industry stands and they know the global spotlight is now firmly on their industry.

Their days of abusing animals in secret and without any scrutiny are long gone. A Federal Court Judge saw through their excuses, others will too.

Much work lies ahead — I wouldn’t suggest otherwise to you. As you know, righting the wrongs inflicted on animals is always a lengthy battle that requires enormous commitment, effort and resilience. But, fuelled by the efforts of our investigators, we now have some wonderful allies. We are working side by side with some of Brazil’s finest advocates and lawyers to bring a permanent end to this terrible trade.

People everywhere are mobilising on behalf of animals. Thank you so much, Mark, for being one of them. And thank you for your unwavering support and faith in our work.

With heartfelt gratitude,




BREAKING: Brazil has stopped live animal exports!

I know you’d want to be among the first to hear this incredible news. Brazil is one of the world’s biggest live exporters, and this decision could save thousands of animals from the pain and terror of having their eyes stabbed and tendons slashed.

But Mark, this ban could lift at any time…

Crucial to Brazil’s decision was Animals Australia’s evidence — gathered during risky investigations into the horrific fate of animals in this trade. As the industry increases the pressure on Brazil to reverse this decision, we urgently need to keep our investigators in the field to gather the evidence needed to secure a permanent ban on this trade.

Last year in Egypt we documented the harrowing final moments of a bruised, bloodied and frightened bull sent there from Brazil. Now, those responsible for his suffering have been finally called to account.

The Federal Court in Brazil has just used evidence of his abuse to suspend live animal exports from the country — determining that live export does not reflect Brazil’s animal protection laws or its societal values, nor does it satisfy international standards to which Brazil is a signatory.

Never has the importance of our investigator’s efforts, fuelled by your support, been more apparent.

Exporters will be actively seeking to have this decision overturned, which is why now, with public attention on this issue in Brazil, we must return to the field to show the extent of the suffering that this global industry is responsible for.

The evidence on which the judge based his determination was gathered by our investigators in the most grueling and distressing of circumstances. It formed the basis of the Federal Court petition submitted by our local colleagues, Brazilian animal advocacy group, Forum Animal.

The subsequent court ruling is unprecedented. It demonstrates that when the live export trade is viewed through independent eyes — through a lens devoid of politics and self-interest — the unnecessary suffering is obvious.

The battle is now on, between those seeing live export as responsible for animal welfare atrocities and those wanting to continue profiting from them.

That’s why we must send our investigators back into the field. We’ve been here before. We know the excuses the industry will make, the false picture they will paint. Further evidence is what they will fear most.

Mark, 12 months ago, live export was a little-known issue in Brazil, yet hundreds of thousands of animals were being subjected to this global trade in misery every year.

They were being shipped on the very same vessels that have delivered Australian and European animals to unspeakable suffering, abandoned in countries where horrors like tendon slashing and fully conscious slaughter are the norm.

It is your support Mark that set this chain of events in motion. And it is your support today that will give animals the best chance of being spared from this brutal industry, for good.

I have so often told you of the silent promise our investigators make animals in their darkest hours — that their suffering will not be in vain. That we will channel our grief and outrage at the injustice done to them into sparing further animals from extreme abuse.

We made this promise to the frightened bull from Brazil who we found bleeding from his eyes and legs in Egypt. We were with him during his final, heart-wrenching moments and we have spent every moment since telling his story.

To the live export industry he was just a number. But to a Federal Court Judge in Brazil he was a reason to end live export.

Now we must give Brazil’s judiciary the reasons to uphold this ban, for good.

I know you share our investigator’s desire to see animals free from the horrific live export trade. Click here to donate to our Investigations Unit today.

For the animals,
Lyn White AM
Investigations Director

.. and momentum for a live export ban in the UK is building all the time.

Dear Mark,

I’m delighted to report encouraging news in the fight to end UK live exports.

Theresa Villiers, MP, announced last week that Defra Secretary of State, Michael Gove, told her the government is “looking very seriously at a ban” on exporting live animals for slaughter.

In addition, the petition on the British government website, calling for an end to live exports, has now jumped to over 67,000 signatures.

On behalf of each animal who endures this cruel trade: a huge thank you to everyone who has signed and shared!

The petition is due to be debated in Parliament in just 21 days. Please, if you haven’t done so already, add your voice today.

And there’s more! Last week, over 50 MPs, policy makers and celebrities attended a parliamentary event to discuss live exports. Theresa Villiers also spoke at this event and summed up the sentiment of the whole room: “Inflicting this needless suffering on animals is not acceptable and it must be stopped”.

Momentum is building and, together, we will end live exports from the UK!

With my thanks and best wishes,

Erin Cameron
Campaign Officer












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