UK; New Video On EU Animal Transport Paints A Great Picture, But The Reality Is … – Now We Wait For Responses To Our Questions.

It’s not even a joke, it’s not even an insult,

it is worse than this.

The worst thing about all is that this is that it is all associated with DG Sante – part of the EU Commission relating to animal welfare. 

So we can only assume this cartoon is funded by the EU ! – the EU wasting EU taxpayers money about enforcing animal transport regulations, when they (EU) create Regulation  1/2005 to ‘protect’ animals in transport, and then they do NOT prosecute hauliers and member states who break this same regulation

DG Sante, or the EU Commission, have now made this cartoon as a smokescreen to cover their inactions and inability to take prosecutions to EU member states who are not enforcing Regulation 1/2005.  A smokescreen which they hope will make the public think that they are taking action.  They have the inability to take action; otherwise they would prosecute under Reg 1/2005 non compliance.


They say about themselves:

Animal Transport Guidelines Project


The European Commission, DG Sante project aims to improve animal welfare around transport. The project will develop and disseminate Guides to Good and Better Practice for animals transported within Europe and to third countries for slaughter, fattening and breeding.


We and many others say –  They could improve welfare during transport by taking prosecuting action against member states who do NOT enforce the 2005 Regulation (1/2005) on the welfare of animals during transport; but as we have seen so many times over so many years, they do not have the guts !

Instead they waste money producing new cartoons which they think will work.

No doubt we will be exposing more breaches of the regulations over the coming months – proving that cartoons just don’t really work !

 Today (21/2) we have also written to the EU Eurogroup for Animals – a partner in this organisation; to ask why they are not prosecuting under Reg 1/2005 rather than producing new cartoons.

We will publish their response if we get one.

We rock the boat; and as a result; the EU ignores us and just wants a boat full of shiny, happy people who do not ‘rock’; but simply play along to their ‘take no action’ policy.  We are really keen to see just how many prosecutions have resulted by the EU Commission with regard the 70% breaches found by welfare groups at the Bulgarian / Turkish border.   We will put money on the table now and say ‘none’.   This is the EU strategy on animal transport – keep your mouth shut and just be the shiny happy people that we want you to be.


EU Policy



Hi all;

We did find time today to write to the Animal Transport Guides Project.  They made contract and said that they have now gotten their new video on animal transport ready.

In their words, the “video is a practical EU video for cattle, based on the guide to Good Practise for the transport of cattle and four dedicated Fact Sheets, which is now available. This video provides practical advise to professionals to ensure that the cattle they  transport, remain in good welfare”.


You can watch the video via the following link:


We are informed thatthis video has been produced in the framework of a dedicated European project funded by the DG SANTE of the European Commission. Coordinated by a large consortium of research institutes from 10 countries and stakeholders organisations, it includes input from EU agri-food, veterinary, road transport and animal welfare stakeholder groups”.   


So it all looks and sounds very good – the video ensures that all is good.


We asked a simple question – that being – why then if everything is so good, are we witnessing so many EU animals suffering in transport on the journey to Turkey ?

Under Regulation 1/2005, the EU regulation allegedly ‘protecting’ animals during transport; all livestock drives have to pass a competence test and be ‘certified’ to ensure the ‘welfare’ of animals they transport   in their vehicles.  Seems they have gone off track when it comes to care for EU animals being transported to Turkey, as the video shows.  So then the EU should be prosecuting those who do not comply – yes ? – not making new cartoons about drivers taking care !


Here is a video and a UK Press article which says otherwise:


So far we have not had a response to our request asking why so many animals are suffering in transport en route to Turkey.

We are also following this issue up independently, and have been in contact over the last few weeks with UK MEP’s who are closely linked to the EU Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.

We basically asked them to try and obtain answers to issues for us, including:

Given the 70% failures detailed in the above welfare groups inspections on the Turkish side of the border; and also as my formal representative within the EU; can you (MEP’s) please inform us of the following:


  • For the year 2017; how many livestock transporters were actually inspected at the (EU) Bulgarian border prior to going into Turkey ?

  • How many livestock transporters were found to be non compliant with EU Reg 1/2005 (animal protection during transport) at this stage of the journey ?

  • What happened to those who were non compliant ? – were they allowed to continue or was their journey stopped ?

  • If there were any non compliances with Reg 1/2005; which I fully expect;  what actions did / are the EU Commission taking on Bulgaria or other EU member states if exporters / hauliers are found to be non compliant with Regulation 1/2005 ?

As this directly involves liaison with the Bulgarian authorities, we have been told by the MEP’s that the responses to our points will not be quick in getting back to us.  We appreciate that and will use any data provided to further question the EU authorities in Brussels who seem to think that by putting out a new video, all should be ok.

As you can see from the above earlier video link; the situation for EU animals being transported to Turkey is dire to say the least.  A simple cartoon video by the ‘Animal Transport Guides’ (as per the new video link given earlier) does not really do anything to settle our serious concerns with EU animals being transported live via Bulgaria to Turkey.


Once we have a reply from the ‘Animal Transport Guides’ , MEP’s, and the Eurogroup for Animals answering our concerns; combined with hopefully a response to our questions asked to the EU Commission via our UK MEP’s, we will then review that data provided and consider what further action is required and how we continue with this campaign to get justice for animals.

At the moment we are now waiting for many people to get back to us.  When and if they do, we will consider our next move.



It’s not even a joke, it’s not even an insult…….

Update 20/2/18 – Here is a response we have had tonight from one contributor to the site:

Hello Mark,

I got the video.

It’s not even a joke, it’s not even an insult:

it’s a lesson for children, a list of regulations that are in the order of 2005 for Animal Transport Regulation.

Do they want to tell us that we do not know the paragraphs?

How it should be, is in regulation 1/2005, and that’s what they do in this video.
You could show the video in a school and say “Children: that’s how it has to be”. That`s all, no more!

But they have the impudence to show this video as if reality were like that, and expect that we believe that everything is actually going as it says in this.

A purposeful insolence

I would answer them:

Gentlemen, we don`t need comics, we need real videos. We have them. You don`t, you just show the scheme, we know that too!

And if they think us stupid, if they want to cash in on their own inability and responsibility to the animals with stupid animal transport instructions, then we have an additional problem here: that they want to sell us stupid.

But I think the answer to this video is very simple:

please do not fool us. We know how the regulation is.

The video does not prove compliance with this rule.
It’s not like that and we proved it.

Your video did not prove it!