Serbia: Protest (on 28/2/18) By Many NGO’s Against Dogcatchers.

Hi Mark,

tomorrow , 28.2.2018.  at 14h  will be  protest against dogcatchers.

Protest will be in  Vranje, but it is in general against dogcatchers,  especially against a private firm Avenija MB.

I recommended  to them that  they show  names of  all serbian NGOs  who  supported protest  , they  promised to do it , so  authorities  would see  that we are  united in this. 


UPDATE 28/2/18

Learn more about EU – Serbia relationships here:

Note that this includes the statement:

political – it must have stable institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law and human rights 

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It is worse than you can imagine. Animal welfare activists are threatened , abused, attacked, just because, this is the source of corruption. Big money is in the question.

Local councils are the part of this Mafia business. This business is called Avenija MB, registered cleaners and pest control. However , employed by numerous councils, to “accommodate” dogs, which means kill them.

For thousands of euros, they probably share .

Here is translation.

The Raise of registered shop , YES SHOP, AveniaMB from PestControl over dead dog’s bodies and political connections to EUROS covered in blood and development of their own Crematorium where the  Dogs from Serbia will burn and disappear for ever.

This AvenijaMB , registered as Shop for Pest Control, is now registered , with no Training whatsoever, not only for catching dogs , but for caring for them and has own “shelter”, read concentration camp, where they drag dogs from all over Serbia, from municipalities, they signed illegal contracts with.

They share abnormal amounts of money from the budget of the councils , which is paid by citizens.

If PestControl can be hired to “humanely accommodate dogs, catch them, look after them”, but at the same time drag them, strangle them, transport them in small transporter over more than 200 km, with no water, on the heat and freezing cold, if it is all right and accepted by Veterinary Inspections, than…. All clear about corruption and unlawfulness.

But, that’s not all.

They registered recently also for collection of animal waste, what means, collection of dead animals and waste material of animal origin.

Animal Welfare Org Pancevo shared an information  about the quantity of the animal waste they delivered to be burned to local Crematorium in Cuprija. Unbelievable quantities. How many kilograms of killed dogs are included in this amount. 10.380 kg in April 2016. Please see all links in the text above.

How  easy it is to hide dead bodies, of the dogs killed in concentration camp. Mass Murder of the dogs from whole Serbia.

It is well known that the dogs don’t go out of their “shelter “alive and entrance is forbidden.  People who look for their own stolen, dogs, are not allowed in. And they are asked to pay at least 150 euros (average income is 200 euros per month).

Naturally, this is always flatly denied, but there are witnesses. Links above.

Continue reading this in the above link.


SAV Comment – You can see the EU – Serbia link immediately below ‘Update’.

We will now be taking this issue of alleged corruption to the EU Commission for Enlargement (new nations joining); as well as to MEP’s and other Commissions.

Especially relevant now as Serbia is an EU ‘Candidate Country’.  Everything should be done re EU membership according to the ‘Rule of Law’ – an EU requirement.   The EU makes major claims that it is wiping out corruption – so we shall see. 

There is obvious corruption here on a national scale; so the EU needs to know about it.



Serbia: 27/2/18 – The Campaign Against The Dogcatchers.


Marina Mo

February 27 at 11:28am

Using photos with no explanations like this one, makes me sick.

If you want to know more, Mark, and I do appreciate your willingness to help, pls read this.

There are so many articles in the same category.


27/2/18 – Actions.

It’s a bit ‘parky’ here in the UK at the moment.  Most of Europe is being hit at the moment by really cold conditions coming in from Siberia; which is being called ‘the beast from the East’.

Here are a few pictures of our bonsai trees this morning; complete with snow.

We are not griping about it as we know many visitors to this site would dream of some good rain or snow conditions where they live; we appreciate that and feel very lucky that we have lots of rain and snow – which makes the UK the wonderful green environment which it is.


Please give a thought for all the strays in Serbia and Europe at this time. 

Help them by visiting the following:


In parts of Serbia it will be down to -14 degrees at night.

Stray dogs will be really suffering in this cold.

It costs 35 Euros to build and fully fit out a stray dog house with straw.

Please help support this if you can.


See more at –




You can visit SAV Facebook page and see so many excellent groups and people asking for help to care for their animals at:


Here are a few other issues that possibly you could give your attention to today.


Hi Mark, this is the photo of the dogs who were illegally collected from the street in Vranje, Serbia and dumped on area where they leave garbage.

They were rescued by animal welfare org Borba za život – Vranje, which is just now fighting against Avenija MB, notorious dogs killers, March is tomorrow, with us Koalicija za Zivot Srbija No kill coalition.

The world should know about this, but, real facts, not these.

This is the article, original, not translated, but Serbian Animals Voice has nothing with it.



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