Germany: Now Approves Hunters To Murder 100,000 Wild Boar.


Dear Mark,
I’m sorry that I cannot send you and everyone here any good news.
But in any case, I want to make known this planned mass murder of German authorities against wild boars to all those, who still don`t  know that.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Brandenburg has given the order for the execution of 100,000 wild boars !!

Yes! Everyone read it right!

There are 100,000 living beings who will fall victims to the forest psychopaths (= hunters).
“I would be satisfied with that quota”, said the Minister of Agriculture of Baden-Württemberg Peter Hauk.
The execution of foxes, raccoons, game we have already set in the hunt law.
Now it’s about the wild boars.
Because they should (allegedly, perhaps, eventually) transmit the causative agent of African pig pest on mast pigs.

Although the fattening pigs have no contact with wild boar.
Because they live and die in boxes, in an area of 0.55-0.7 m wide and 1.6-1.9 m long, they never see the meadows, they never see the sun, they are kept miserable, miserable transported, and brutally slaughtered.
Nevertheless, the authorities create fear and panic, although they have not yet recorded any cases of the plague.
From the Czech Republic and Poland only single cases of the plague are reported, in Germany there have not been any.

Several countries now have premiums competing for the murder of a wild boar.
In Bavaria, the authorities give for killed boar 20 euros.
In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, there are 25 euros per hunted pig.
In Brandenburg even 50 euros!
And to make the competition even more attractive, it applies: money will only be available if the murder rate exceeds the hunting range of the 2014/15 season.

For this purpose, almost all federal states have shortened or canceled the gentle season for wild boar.
Money-Headhunters are already on the way.

In order to help the competition, the Ministry of Agriculture in Brandenburg advertises live traps.
As a “complementary and effective tool”!!!
For hunters, who have interest for traps, the Ministry immediately submitted an application online.

The link even works! for a simple police certificate of good conduct one must appear personally at the citizens office. This request can be made online.
As always, we find a hunter`s explanation for the execution in the press:
“Nobody does it because of the money. Skip of the illness on Germany would cause great damage for the pig-keepers. This means export- and movement-prohibitions “!!

Oh! yes!!
Murders help animal abusers!
That’s what I understand under fascism.

Best regards