The fight for the rights of animals is the fight for life.

The fight for the rights of animals is the fight for life.


Dear Mark,


This text is dedicated to all who fight every day for the rights of animals, for a better world for animals.

My personal thoughts and feelings may also touch other activists.

I hope so.

At the end of each month I make a statement: I look back and see a bunch of animals that I could not save.
The suffering of the animals destroys me, I admit it.
The exploitation, the injustice, the indifference of others, the stupidity.
Every day a fight that drag me to the limit of despair, hopelessness.
The only thing I master perfectly is the mourning.
This fight has left its tracks.
I got hard.

The crimes have made me hard.
I do not compromise, I do not forgive killers.
I have learned to count on my powers, not to trust anyone.
Only the practice teaches me hope.
Without hope there is no fight.
Without fight there is no hope.

“Who fights can lose. Who does not fight has already lost”!
I learned to lose but not to give up.
I’ve learned to set limits, priorities, where is a path, where does it end, where are my own limits.
I have learned that my fight is what sets me apart from the others.
I see this difference in the eyes of those who stare at me with gratitude, in their faces, I hear that in their cries.
I see that in the faces of those I managed to save.
In the moments of despair, I remember all the lives I have saved, the joy in their faces, how many animals I have given the right to live.

These are moments full of love, liberation, moments of justice.
The joy in the eyes of the animals that I have saved, that makes the difference.
That gives an answer to all questions.
For my own existence, which confirms it and gives it meaning.
I know why I live and that without me less hope, less joy would be for our fellow animals.

Bertold Brecht said: “He who has rights is respected. Who has no rights is despised “.
We do not despise anyone, we fight for everyone’s rights.Our fight has the aim of recognizing animal rights.
And this fight deserves every sacrifice, every pain, every effort.
It is the fight for life.
Because we love life.

My best regards to all