England: 13/3/18 – The Loss Of A True Genius In Every Way.

It’s a really sad day here in the UK – our modern day Genius has died.

Prof. Stephen Hawking, a man who suffered from the terrible and crippling Motor Neuron Disease for over 40 years passed yesterday at his home.


Professor Stephen William Hawking, CH, CBE, FRS, FRSA, at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge..Photograph © Jason Bye.t: 07966 173 930.e: mail@jasonbye.com.w: http://www.jasonbye.com.

More than a scientific genius; this man explained the ‘out of this world theories’ of so much to the normal man with his literally works of modern science.  Regarded by many the world over; the brilliance of this man; the intelligence; whilst at the same time fighting such a cruel disease every day of his life; can only be looked on as someone who never gave up with his mission – to inform the world of what science, space and technology is about.

Originally given only 2 years to live when diagnosed with MND over 40 years ago; this was a man who had a mission in life; and he was going to surpass the so called experts with their life expectancy given to him.


I take a lot from Prof. Hawking; and with my own MS; he has shown me that you can carry on regardless of your illness to live your dreams; to do better for the future.  A true inspiration to so many – the tributes saying this on UK tv today have been overwhelming.


Fly free now Stephen – free from pain and the bastard of the illness which bugged you so much for the majority of your life.  Respect, admiration and just human drive from such a wonderful and funny person.


Out thoughts, thanks and admiration go out to his family today – 14/3.  Stephen died peacefully at home yesterday.

The politicians and so called ‘important people’ of this world could learn so much from him about being decent and honest.


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