England: Donations; What Donations ???

From today; 22/3; there will be NO MORE appeals on SAV.

If people want to give anything, then they go to SAV Facebook and do it independently.

For years (like 12) we have tried to ask Serbian groups and shelters to unite and fight against the corrupt and illegal actions of the Serbian government and authorities.

When people see a fight against the illegal system then maybe they will give money to help the shelters.

People will not give, and give, and give; only to see very little united fight in return.  This way it will never change – shelters keep asking for money; expecting people to donate; and yet they do not get together to form an opposition to the corrupt and illegal activities happening in Serbia.

From now there will be no more appeals on SAV unless we see Serbian shelters and campaigners unite against the government.  12 years of asking for this and we have not really got anywhere.

From now, SAV (this site) will possibly only be producing new data once or twice a week.  We are fed up doing a lot on the site for very little positive action.  There is no point us trying to do appeals and petitions etc when we see nothing in the way of return action.  Is this not what caused a lot of German organisations to call it a day in Serbia over the years ?

From now- things change at SAV.


This post will stay as the header page for ?? – we are now in no rush to do any updates or appeals.

They don’t seem to get any real response; so what is the point ?


22/3/18.  Appeal update.


Regarding our recent appeal to help KUCI, KIKI and LELA:


We have now managed to secure help for the dogs through to the end of April.

Here is a mail we have had from Jasna; we have edited the mail to remove names of helpers / donors:

Pozdrav Mark,

thank you for the appeal.  I wrote to them (German donors) and with gratitude asked whether I can use that donation for April because it will definitely be the same and necessary. They were arranged so I will use it to actually cover the March and the announcement will remain for March to reach April… you’ve helped me a lot and now it can be a bit easier.

I’ll publicly thank everyone on the group because I’m very grateful for the help.

So, March and April will be covered.

So now we have managed (with the help of a very specific few donors) to secure help for the dogs through until the end of April.

But we are very unhappy that despite the appeal going out on SAV and also SAV Facebook; effectively reaching over 1300 members on Facebook and around 300+ supporters on SAV EACH DAY;  we only got donations from 2 supporters ! – Bilkis Satar and Thordur Gislason.

We thank them very much for their kind help  –  Thordur always gives a very worthwhile amount and he donates to many appeals very regularly; so we thank him for his support once again.


All we asked was that people give a few Euros to help save lives – donate instead of buying that take away coffee in the morning for example – what 2,3 or 4 Euros ? – small amounts that would have all added up to help save lives.  Instead; we got very little support apart from ourselves and the 2 people mentioned above.  The rest we had to cover ourselves and with a combined response via a specific German supporters  who wishes to remain anonymous.

One really has to ask if it is worth taking time to put together all the appeals on SAV and SAV Facebook when nobody can be bothered to give anything back in return to help.  Yes, people expect to come to the site and see new posts there all the time; which is all compiled on a voluntary basis; and which takes time and effort.  We do it to try and raise attention of animal issues; and for all our work we get nothing in return – animals continue to be hungry and they continue to be cold and in need of forever homes.


Is the response the same for all the petitions we publish ? – nothing ?

Where are all the ‘animal people’ – the visitors and members of SAV Facebook ?

Donating the price of a cup of coffee to help save lives is not too mush to ask, is it ?

Please, next time we do appeals; do not leave the task of sorting the problem to just a few – give a little; and together the ‘littles’ add up quickly to reach the desired amount.


We don’t do appeals just because we enjoy doing them – we do them with the hope that supporters and members will give just a little in return !

Please Help – yes he is asking for donations.