3/3/18 – World Wildlife Day.


Dear Mark,
Today is the World Wildlife Day.


This day was launched in 2013 to draw attention to the loss of biodiversity. As a date, the initiators chose March 3, the anniversary of the signing of the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

If we take stock today of the stock of wildlife, we would not only be sad, we would be demoralized.
In Indonesia, the orangutans die every day; their trees, their earth, their food disappear every day.

Because a “wild animal” called man makes dirty business with palm oil and wood.
Trade in endangered species flourishes in the black market,
especially in Asia. In Asian medicine, the body parts of large cats for various alchemical purposes are used to increase potency up to the remedy for rheumatism and arthritis.
Originally this superstition especially threatened the tiger. Due to the great demand, however, other large cat species, such as the African lion or the jaguar, are increasingly being poached as “substitutes”.

The stock of lion stock is estimated at about 18,000 to 32,000 copies. The survivors are spread over 27 African countries and India. In 26 other states, the lion is already extinct. In West Africa, he is even considered “threatened with extinction”. Trafficking in offspring in South Africa is unfortunately still possible with permits.

The main reason for the extinction of most wildlife is the criminal dominance of the people in their kingdom.
People are becoming more and more, they multiply indiscriminately, animals are becoming less and less.


Even more dramatic is the situation for the cheetahs. His disappearance is only a matter of time. Her stock is estimated at only 6900 animals. Their habitat is constantly being deprived of humans. The little ones are being illegally traded as domestic trolls, especially in Arab countries, and many are dying during transport.
And what can one say about the biggest cat of prey in the world of animals: the tiger?
It is said that there are only 3000 animals left in the world!! The reasons are the same as almost all wildlife: loss of their habitat, poaching, charlatans in Asian medicine who still sell tiger’s bones and teeth as a hypocritical drug.

And when I think of one of the most beautiful wildlife, the jaguar, I remember the statistic of CITES, which said that in the 1970s 15,000 animals were killed by fur hunters a year!!!

Nevertheless, after some extraordinary efforts by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, it has been possible to save the leopard for the moment, that is, it is not on the red list, and it is estimated that there are 60,000 animals left in Argentina and live up to Mexico.

The list of human crimes against wildlife is infinite and it does not stop.
I am thinking of the criminal (and illegal) killing of wolves in Saxony and Brandenburg, the mass murder of foxes with 500,000 victims per year, which takes place for fun and joy in the murders in Germany.


My feelings on World Wildlife Day?
Grief and pain for the animal beings, who know no wild or sadistic feelings, but are still called “savages” and are exploited without restraint.
Anger, disgust and hate for the human being, the wildest of all animals, who transforms the lives of all animals into a crematorium every day with his criminal and destructive energy.


Best regards



Live Kindly – Vegan News.



China’s Meat Consumption Continues to Drop as Interest in Veganism Soars


An article by Business World has revealed that “health-conscious” people in China are driving the once meat-heavy nation to a more plant-based way of living.

Currently, China is the world’s largest market for beef, poultry and pork, Business World point out. However, according to the publication, the most populated country in the world is “steadily growing wary of meat”.

After China’s health industry released new dietary guidelines suggesting reduced meat intake, China’s markets for several products, including pork, beef and poultry all declined, Business World report.

Concurrently, as meat intake declines, veganism continues to grow. While recent figures of veganism in China are unknown, the article highlighted data from 2014 which suggested that the vegan population in China had exceeded 50 million people.

Read more via the link above.





Dairy Farms Make More Than Half of New Zealand Lakes ‘Unswimmable’

Dairy farming is polluting New Zealand’s lakes, making over half completely “unswimmable”. Government data released back in 2013 stated that around 60% of the countries’ lakes and rivers were not safe for humans to submerge themselves in.

The situation since then, it seems, is hardly improving. According to The Economist, around 6.6 million cattle are currently farmed in the country. This hugely outweighs their human population, which stands at roughly 4.7 million.

One of the problems is nitrogen-rich bovine urine, a catalyst for toxic algae. If contaminated water is consumed by somebody who is pregnant, it can have catastrophic and potentially fatal consequences for the unborn child. It can cause what has been named “blue baby syndrome”, a condition that has been known to kill animals such as dogs in the past. Another issue is manure, which can contaminate water sources with dangerous bacteria like E.coli.




Vegan Musician Moby to Donate 100% of Album Profits to Animal Rights


Vegan musician, author, restaurateur, and prominent animal rights activist, Moby, say that all of the profits from his new album will be given to animal rights organizations. Profits from his upcoming live shows will also be donated. The album, “Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt,” is due for release this coming Friday.

The album is Moby’s 15th studio album and follows previous political album releases including 2016’s “These Systems are Failing” and 2017’s “More Fast Songs About the Apocalypse.” 

The album cover appropriately for “Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt” features a father cow reading to a baby calf designed by Matthew Grabelsky, a Los-Angeles-based artist.





Coconut Bliss Expands Vegan Ice Cream Bar Line With 2 New Flavors

Certified organic vegan ice cream brand Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss is gearing up for ice cream season with the addition of two single-serve frozen dessert bar treats drenched in Fair Trade certified chocolate.

The two new flavors bring the company’s frozen bar selection to eight varieties. The two new bars, Raspberry Acai in Chocolate and Vanilla Island, pair classic flavors with the company’s signature creamy coconut ice cream and a crunchy chocolate shell. The Raspberry Acai bar marries two popular berry flavors with dark chocolate in a delicacy the company says “will enliven your taste buds with its exotic flare.”





Beyoncé Advocates Benefits of Vegan Diet to 112 Million Fans

As the countdown to Beyoncé’s Coachella 2018 performance is officially ON, after being replaced last year when she was extremely pregnant with twins Sir and Rumi, Beyoncé has shared photos to her 112 million Instagram followers proving exactly why she’s Drunk In Love with a vegan diet. Of course, the health benefits of eating plant-based food looks Flawless on anyone, especially the famed international celebrity.



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India: The Latest Amazing Animal Rescue Videos From ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ – India.



I always enjoy watching the excellent videos from AAU; yes they always start off badly showing animals suffering so much; but you know you are always going to get a wonderful finish (and really happy animals) thanks to the teamwork and dedication of the superb crew at AAU India.

Here are a few more videos of their amazing work.  Please give anything you can to help support their work – Thanks – Mark – SAV.


Dog starving from broken jaw makes an incredible recovery!

She would never have eaten again without surgery after a vehicle hit her and broke several of her teeth and fractured her lower jaw. Locals from the village saw her laying in the same place for more than a day and realised something was wrong. Our rescuers found her curled up in a ball, disoriented and unable to stand. She probably hadn’t eaten or had water in many days. We brought the sad little girl back to Animal Aid where we treated her for dehydration and pain. We then placed a wire in her jaw to heal the fracture. And so began the new adventure of Dory’s life to come. Watch the transformation of a dying dog into a playful angel.

With your help, they can heal. Please donate.


Sweetest street dog beats cancer

Watch Olivia’s amazing transformation! This sweetheart was suffering from a painful and life-threatening condition and needed urgent help. Her head was massively swollen and pus and blood drained from her eye almost continuously. A cytology revealed it to be malignant cancer-a transmissible venereal tumour in the mucous membranes surrounding her eye that was so extensive it had begun to damage her skull as well. Luckily this kind of tumour can be cured with chemotherapy treatment and we immediately began a six-week course. She was quite the fighter and responded amazingly to her treatment. Meet beautiful Olivia today–our street dog cancer survivor.


 Please donate to give street animals a fighting chance.



Dog hiding with terrible wound rescued

Although Jupiter, a street dog, was hiding underneath the stairs of a house of strangers, his trusting response to his rescuers made us wonder if on some level he was just waiting for help. His sorrowful eyes told us everything we needed to know about his pain. We hurried him back to the hospital and onto the treatment table where we discovered that the wound on his neck–probably a dog bite infested with maggots–was actually even bigger than we had suspected. Debriding the wound, flushing, removing maggots and wrapping it snuggly with padded bandages would be the first of many days of treatment. But Jupiter seemed to know he was on the path of healing from the first touch by the rescue team. Meet Jupiter after six weeks of wound care. He’s definitely a new boy–and an angel through and through.

 To turn the hopeless to happy, Please donate.


Donation Link – https://animalaidunlimited.org/how-to-help/donate/ 







Serbia: UPDATE – More Info and Videos Of The Protest Against Dogcatchers.

Regarding our recent post re protests in Serbia against the dogcatcher organisation – https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/2018/02/27/serbia-protest-on-28-2-18-by-many-ngos-against-dogcatchers/   – we now have some video footage which Serbian campaigners wish to share.




English translation complete with photographs and videos can be seen on the following link:

We hope the link works ok.



Protest was held in Vranje, Serbia , against unlawful tender, given to notorious Avenija MB, dogcatchers , tender worth more than 37.000 euros , to „ACCOMMODATE“ dogs, read KILL THEM.

More than 1.366 dogs are supposed to be killed, in spite the fact that The Law doesn’t allow killing and torture.
Link of our article where we describe the origin of this notorious business.

There is English translation also.

Many local Serbian Animal Welfare Org supported this Protest, together with many from the region and the world. It was organised by Borba za zivot Vranje(Fight for Life Vranje) and Koalicija za zivot Belgrade. (Coalition for Life). We would like to thank all for their support. This is just the beginning. We don’t expect fast changes, because this is just the part of horrible corruption which rules. But, we won’t give up.

The message of this Protest was- Avenija MB go away from our backyard. We will do everything we can, for these concentration camp in Novo Selo, to be closed for ever.

Sanctuary !