Germany: The carnage continues – but not only in Germany; All over the world !! 

The carnage continues

Last year alone, about 45 million male chicks were killed in Germany – more than a million more than in the previous year.
Representatives of the new federal government announce an end to the practice. But in the past, little happened after such promises.
Meanwhile, researchers are working on a new method of gender determination that could end shredding.

Death comes in the chord.

Every day, in German stables, one of the very gloomy chapters of German agriculture takes place.

Because there is no need for male offspring in the breeding and keeping of laying hens (and the animals are also not suitable for the fattening), male chicks are sorted out after hatching.

The fluffy kittens either land alive in the shredder or are gassed with carbon dioxide.

Actually, the controversial practice should be over long ago. But now, new figures of the Federal Government make it clear: instead of less as planned, more chicks had to be massacred again.

Just before Easter, new numbers are now known. In Germany alone, about 45 million male chicks are killed.

Animal rights activists have been calling for a ban on practice for years, which has purely economic reasons. Because the male chicks cannot lay eggs. As broilers they produce too little meat. For the food industry, they are therefore considered useless, their breeding is not worthwhile. According to the Animal Protection Act, animals may only be killed for a reasonable reason. Whether an economic reason can be a reasonable reason has been a hot topic in the past. For years, politics promises an end to the practice. But so far little has happened.

The ex-Minister of Agriculture Christian Schmidt (CSU) had announced the exit – most recently for the end of 2017. Several state governments, such as those in Lower Saxony and Hesse, went even further and banned the shredding legally.

The problem: The ban only works when there is a technique that makes mass killing of chicks superfluous.

Neue Tests

Scientists are already working on such methods. To end the misery, new methods for early sex determination in the egg. The aim is not to wait until the animals have hatched, but to be able to determine the respective sex in the egg. The sooner the better.

So that the egg can be used as animal feed and the embryo is not yet sensitive to pain.

Funded by the Federal Government, scientists from Leipzig and Dresden have developed such methods.

When and if the mission but really nationwide success, is so far open. Only then could the mass extinction really stop.

The announcements of the policy, meanwhile, continue. “The killing of one-day-chicks, we will end until the middle of the legislature,” it says in the current coalition agreement of Union (CDU and CSU) and SPD. Accordingly, the new Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner must enforce a ban or at least the widespread use of the test procedures until September 2019.
“Animals are co-creatures, not disposable goods,” Klöckner said in her inaugural address at the end of last week in the Parliament. “Gaps in animal welfare, something like chick killing, she wants to close.

However, the new minister does not yet call a specific date.

The opposition is already doubting the government’s promise to end the killing. “For years, we hear the announcements of the Grand Coalition, that the disgusting chick chickens finally should be over,” says Green Party Vice-Chairman Oliver Krischer. “Nothing is happening – on the contrary, the CDU / CSU and the SPD have not even been able to reduce the number, let alone completely ban the disturbing practice of industrial agriculture.”

 The new tests for sex could easily make the eggs more expensive for consumers in the future. The Ministry of Agriculture, however, assumes a manageable cost. The speech is from one to two cents per egg. The poultry industry had already suggested promoting the purchase of test equipment with taxpayers’ money.


My comment on this “solution”: Of course, the total abolition of fattening systems for chickens and all animals would be the best solution.
But to achieve that, we must convince 7 billion meat and pet food consumers to stop eating, what they eat!.
Therefore, this solution, as one that saves a lot of unnecessary suffering, would be a good solution.
On the condition, that the German government this solution not only as promises and reflections use again, and thereby makes an unimaginable suffering in the fattening mast possible.

And I would also be prepared to pay something with my tax money, for something that I do not eat, just to mitigate or even stop this suffering.

Best regards


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