Australia: Live Exports – Please Donate For Video To Be Aired On Australian Television.


Following on from our recent post about the horrendous suffering of Australian animals in the live export trade:

Animals Australia has now released a short video which is aired on Australian television.

You can see a copy of the video here:

Please donate to an emergency broadcast.

As you read this, live exporters are preparing to load thousands of gentle sheep onto ships. Conditions will soon go from bad to worse as ships enter the deadly northern summer.

We now know that on board these ‘floating ovens’ animals can be left to stew in their own filth while literally cooking to death.

Live exporters know that the truth can sink their trade — which is why getting this ad series on TV is the last thing they’ll want.

No-one who sees this footage can defend subjecting animals to such extreme abuse.

Please help us broadcast this message to every politician, farmer, and power broker before it’s too late.


Donating by phone? Call us on 1800 888 584



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