Polish Animal Abuser Given Long Prison Sentence – And Forbidden To Keep or Work With Animals.

Dear Mark,

I’ve showered our readers with bad news and reports over the weekend.
But now I have good, very good news: it is a very harsh punishment against an animal abuser, in the US.
As I translated, I thought: here in Germany we can only dream of it. We have a tortious justice system and a society that protects psychopaths and animal abusers because it is a society of cowards and empathy-less people.
Anyway, I want to share this message with you and everyone.


Radoslaw Czerkawski was accused of animal cruelty and sentenced. (Image: AP Images)

In Dedham, Massachusetts, a man accused of animal cruelty has now been sentenced to a long prison term. An animal activist sees the punishment as a historical example.
According to the Associated Press news agency, Radoslaw Czerkawski, born in Poland, had a mixed breed of pit bull named Kiya in 2013. But the dog lady did not have a long life.

In August 2013, she was found alone on a playground in Quincy. She had a puncture wound in the eye, a split tongue and skull and back fractures and broken ribs.

The dog had to be euthanized due to severe injuries.

Owner Radoslaw Czerkawski was now in court five years after the cruel crime. He was convicted of animal cruelty and sentenced to eight to ten years in prison.

He was also sentenced to two years probation. Furthermore, it is now forbidden by the court for him to own an animal or to come into contact with animals.

He is also not allowed to work voluntarily in any animal shelter.

On top of that threatens him expulsion: As soon as Czerkawski has ended his prison sentence, he should be deported, as a spokesman told the immigration authorities. The verdict was well received in circles of animal activists. Mary Nee, president of the Animal Rescue League, called it “historic” and made sure that it would serve as a precedent.

Best regards to you and all,





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