England: Kate the Bush.

Here is ‘Kate the Bush’ – one of the foxes who comes round each night for something to eat.

She lays down on the path just like a dog; waiting until the door is opened and some food is given to her.

We keep a health check on them all who visit – making sure there is no sign of mange.  If it did ever appear then we can treat with Arsenicum drops on the food for 2-3 weeks.  Fortunately nothing is showing in the way of illness.  Good eaters, healthy and carefully monitored.

She has quite a nice ‘Bush’ tail; and the ‘official’ Kate Bush is a Kent girl favourite singer of ours – so what better name than Kate the Bush !

…….. and the real Kate Bush – with Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd on guitar.

Kate has been a Vegetarian for over 30 years.  That’s why she looks so good !