USA: Trump Attempts Legislation To Gun Down Bear and Wolf Families As They Sleep – MAGA ??

Grey wolf cubs – hiding from the idiot Trump


Dear Mark,

In an attempt to reverse yet another Obama regulation, the Trump administration has proposed to strike rules that forbid inhumane hunting methods on federal land in Alaska.

This rule would open the floodgates to trophy killings on National Park Service lands in the state. It’s sickening, and we need your help to stop it.

This proposal would allow bear and wolf families to be gunned down where they sleep.

Cruel hunting methods like bait, hounds and artificial lights would be used to target bears. And even swimming caribou could be shot by hunters chasing them in motorboats.

Please – Don’t Visit the UK

It’s all part of a new Trump policy to expand hunting on public lands and defer to states anytime there’s a conflict. But this is just cruel.

The iconic wildlife of Denali National Park and Preserve and other national park lands are public treasures. Officials need to hear that you value these animals in the wild and don’t want to see them killed by thrill-seeking trophy hunters.

Act now to demand that the National Park Service withdraw this heartless proposal.

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