Chick. The Reality of Boys Not Wanted.

Vegan Faces




USA: The Union of Concerned Scientists. Science for a Healthy Planet and Safer World.



The Union of Concerned Scientists.


Science for a healthy planet and safer world.


Our scientists and engineers develop and implement innovative, practical solutions to some of our planet’s most pressing problems—from combating global warming and developing sustainable ways to feed, power, and transport ourselves, to fighting misinformation, advancing racial equity, and reducing the threat of nuclear war.


How the Trump administration is sidelining science and favoring industry over farmers and the public.


The USDA should rely on science to help farmers and meet the nation’s food needs. Instead, under Secretary Sonny Perdue, it’s more like the Department of Agribusiness.


A moral question



And WE actually ask ourselves

if the wolf is dangerous !!!

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source: ALF Streiter der Nacht