News – Gucci Has Banned Angora !

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We’re happy to share the exciting news that after pressure from PETA, Gucci has banned angora!

This is a monumental victory for angora rabbits, who are social and love to be together but often go insane in isolated, barren cages on angora farms, where their fur is painfully ripped out every three months.

Gucci joins the more than 330 other major brands around the world—including Anthropologie, ASOS, BCBG Max Azria, Calvin Klein, Gap, and Ralph Lauren—that have banned the cruelly obtained fiber.

Please take one more step to help rabbits tortured for fashion by urging Backcountry to ban angora.


Help Rabbits


Thank you for your compassion for animals.

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Tibet: Human Rights – News from ‘Free Tibet’ – London.

News from ‘Free Tibet’ – London.


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The following video is nothing to do with Free Tibet London; but gives a good overview of why Tibet is not free.

UN human rights chief blasts China over Tibet in resignation speech

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Chinese Communist Party steps up efforts to control Tibetan Buddhism

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Tibetan monk released after seven years in prison

Lobsang Tenzin was imprisoned in 2011 for his alleged role a self-immolation protest

Immolation = setting a person on fire as a protest.

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Tashi Wangchuk in good health and appealing his prison sentence

Tibetan language rights advocate Tashi Wangchuk was sentenced to five years in prison last month

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Tibetan farm land confiscated for new airport

Locals hit by China’s efforts to boost tourist numbers in Tibet  

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Three new airports for Tibet confirmed

The construction of three new airports in the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) has been announced as part of the Chinese government’s efforts to promote tourism and economic growth in the area.

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Warnings and Dangers in Santorini Island: Donkeys and Mules



We recently visited this beautiful island of Santorini to assess the conditions of these hardworking animals. Despite our long-standing efforts, we were dismayed by the suffering we witnessed.

Donkey Path

The donkey path to and from Fira is prox 600 steps. This path is extremely dangerous and very slippery with general wear and tear and also donkey urine and excrement. If walking, you’ll also have to contend with donkeys going up and down the path. There should be a health & safety warning at the foot and top of these steps as people have broken bones by slipping and falling on this path. There is no help or assistance available at any point on the path so be safe and take the cable car.

As with Fira, Oia is built right on the edge of the cliff and there are several options of getting up to the top. One is by donkey, but like Fira, it’s not recommended at Oia. Reviewers have accused the men organising donkey and mule trains of being very abrupt and rude. Riders have been put in danger when getting off at the top as the donkeys started turning around before riders had a chance to get off. One rider ended up with one leg in the stirrup and one on the ground and then fell into someone else as they both dove to the side while the donkeys came running back down. In response, the men apparently just told them hurry up and get out of the way.

Animal Cruelty

The donkeys are so sad looking, and it’s no wonder. These poor animals carry people up the steep hills day in and day out in scorching temperatures with no adequate rest, shade or water. The only place they can urinate or defecate is on the path where they are led. Additionally, they wear ill fitting tack that pinches and chafes, and they often slip on the path, sustaining injuries that are poorly managed. If you’re an advocate of animal welfare, don’t take the donkey or mule rides.

Donkey Dung

All across Santorini and surrounding small islands are fantastically steep hills that Superman would have problems walking up. So the local old guys have lots and lots of mules and donkeys to take you up and down. Then they feed them and the trouble starts. Yes, they poo early and often and when you least expect it. Walk behind them too closely and you will have it all over your clothes – possibly as high as shoulder level. You will get it on your shoes. It is going to happen. Make sure they are good shoes. Flip-flops + Poo? Yuck! Watch where you walk – very carefully!

I got a video from Greece, from an animal welfare page. See it, is important!
The title: “The mayor of Santorini says and lies: “Only absolute exception the overloaded donkeys in Santorini”. A video is included, so that everyone can see for themselves how to handle the load animals in this island.
Animal rights activists have told me, that these animals
are being used to carry big garbage bags, Electrical appliances, construction material for private houses and hotels.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about warnings and dangers of donkeys and mules in Santorini.



Short comment from me: I don`t know eny more, where I could go on vacation.
I think the same problem have all people, who are highly sensitive to animal suffering. And this is happening everywhere meanwhile.

In tourist countries, exists additionaly the animal suffering for tourists.

I think of the elephants “made for tourists”, or the enslaved tigers in Asia, with the purpose of making mindless tourists a walk on elephants or a photo with tigers.
There are tourists who see nothing, hear nothing, register nothing that concerns animal suffering.
I see everything, and therefore I don`t go on vacation, for years.
And if ever vacation, then in big cities, where usually no direct confrontation with suffering animals arises.

Best gegards




In this video is also a petition against the torture of the donkey in Santorini.

Please sign and share.