Hunter: When animal killers feel threatened …

Recently, it was the butchers of France seeking protection from the government against militant vegans.
Does one remember?
Now it is the hunters in Germany who want to fight against aggressive animal rights activists !!

Is not it amazing, that just murderers are looking for protection?
And at the same time an insolence, that they, the murderers, put themselves in the place of a victim?

Anyone, who thinks that as a profession he can have someone else’s death, will always have us against him!


How hunters fight against aggressive animal rights activists (the item)


From the point of view of the animal activists of Peta and Animal-Rights-Watch hunting is prohibited as a hobby. An attitude that is promoted so publicly, that the hunter has now an absolute image problem. In the forest land region Thuringia, one does not want to take this any longer.

Millions of murderers, liars, lust killers!



This is how Steffen Liebig was already titled. He is the president of the Thuringian Hunting Association and says: “the anti-hunting activists have not become more – but their range is greater today and the tone rougher.

The hunters have therefore tightened the strategy on the past Federal Hunting Day.

Liebig explains:

At the level of the German Hunting Association, where all regional hunting associations are represented, we are now massively against such slander”.

The hunters cannot leave something like that. Liebig describes this as a polemic and as an “attempt to discriminate against people.”

Especially on Facebook clubs such as PETA campaigns, such as against the fox hunt in Thuringia. 12,000 signatures came together – and probably also many donations for PETA.

(To help the hunters, of course, comes Merkel’s party (CDU) and because they are pretty poor in arguments, they try to get rich with dirty propaganda against activists and organizations.)

“Here, a pure animal welfare economy has developed that lives on making people bad, so that they can get donations”, says Egon Primas, CDU member of parliament


Hunters are displayed

The State Hunting Association also observes the strategy of radical animal rights activists to work on press releases. Then, for example, pastors would be contacted to cancel the huntable Hubertus Mess or hunters would be reported for their kills – that also often happens in Thuringia, according to Hunting President Liebig, “although they know that this is right, will be reported to the court and the hunters will have to fight to defend themselves, they may also incur costs, except for the trouble. “


So… what can be done against hatred for hunting?



The Ministry of Agriculture of Thuringia has the answer: The hunters should make better PR. State Hunting President Steffen Liebig, however, says it’s not easy. Finally, the hunters themselves are financed by membership fees.

But he has at least an explanation for hatred of hunters:
“because the German growing urban population has no own connection to nature, there is a particularly bad opinion about hunting; dictated by animal welfare organizations that have the money for this propaganda and can reach anyone over the Internet.


I find it incredible, with what arrogance this measly position of the 0.5% hunter wants to dictate to an 80 million people, what is nature or conservation, and wants to sell the shooting of animals as a hunt, though that is just sadistic violence!