The letter from a hunter who has hung his gun “on the nail”. Forever!!




It follows the letter of a hunter, in which he explains his reasons, why he has hung up “the gun on the nail”!

After 12 years I finally got up the courage to quit the hunting community. During this time, I could fully recognize the mentality of today’s hunter. I also had the opportunity to work with several hunting associations, so the remarks below do not apply to a small circle of hunters – in which I was a member – but I dare say that the hunter mentality is more or less the same everywhere is.

Why should not one become a hunter?

1.The claim that hunters are environmentalists or ecologists is ridiculous, as is the claim that hunters spend many volunteer hours in the hunting district for the benefit of wildlife, animals and the environment.

Everything the hunter does in the hunting district is directly or indirectly linked to hunting = “harvesting”, shooting or social gathering. By the way: The so-called environmental protection works consist largely of the construction or preservation of the hunters’ projects – which are where they are, anyway a disturbing element – or for food preparation, which is in most cases only a lure for the wild animals; the feeders for animals in the forest are surrounded by high seats (podiums in the forest, where hunters shoot at the animals while sitting). The various cleaning actions in the forest and the corridor are only sand in the eyes of the general public – and of course pure hunter propaganda. The hunters with their high seats, vehicles and their presence are the biggest natural pests among all earthlings!


2.Even more ridiculous is the assertion that the hunt, in the first place, cares for the wild animals and shooting is just one of their activities. The aim of the hunt is the execution or killing, possibly the most beautiful animals as a personal trophy – and nothing else.

3. Do not believe that hunting is a Samaritan service to sick, injured or distressed animals. For the situations in which the hunters could act as Samaritans, you do not need hunters (in Germany: about 360 000) with the shotgun, but only a few professionally trained people who have a right attitude to the animals.

I assert that no act of success in blood can be honorable-least of all hunting, where the animal as a victim is helpless and vulnerable to the hunter.

4. The hunter world is much worse than you can imagine. You will not become a true hunter with the completion of the course and the exam, BUT:

– If you only see the animal as a thing and then, when you have killed it, it brings prestige to other people, raises your self-esteem and causes envy of colleagues.

– If you are willing to neglect your family, work responsibilities and yourself because of the hunt.

– When slander, hypocrisy, and alcohol the only strength is for you, or at least not strange is to you.

If the pain and agony of the animals do not touch you anymore.



Leaving the hunting society was a great relief for me, and I believe that there are many hunters who accidentally go into this “organization”: on the recommendation of friends – hunters, like me, for example – or family tradition.

If you are still a hunter, then consider it: If you want to be animal and nature lovers, as most hunters like to claim for themselves, then you can be it – but please without a gun!

My intention is not to convince the jaded hunters of their error. From experience, I know that this is hardly possible, because hunting is paramount in their lives – and I have often had an opportunity to see what these people in the green uniform are ready for.

I appeal to those who flirt with the “green” brotherhood. I assure you from my experience: If you doubt a little more whether the hunt is really the right thing for you, then you have no business in hunting. Because then you are – thank God – not brutal enough for the soulless hunters! “

Translation from the blog ”” from Venus with best regards to all.

Scotland Stops Wild Animal Circuses.


SAV comment – Scotland has its own Parliament.  The English parliament is at Westminster, London.  There is always a type of ‘competition’ between the Scots and the English parliaments; and what one often does, you will find it is soon repeated by the other.  For so many years we have been campaigning to get wild animals banned from circuses in England.  We now predict that as the Scottish parliament has undertaken this ban, England will very soon follow for a ban in England.

PS – we (the English) are always better at football and rugby than the Scots – this is a massive issue between UK sports fans.  England-Scotland sporting fixtures are notorious for their conflicts.


For overseas visitors; each nation of the UK has its own flag – you can see the Scottish flag above. 

England has the flag of St George as shown here:

When ALL the nations flags are united under one flag – the ‘Union flag’, or ‘Union Jack’ as it is affectionately known; it is flown as a united (UK) front.  The Union flag is not just a representation of England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland individually; it is a flag showing the combined (nations) force.  British forces have always fought together in theatre as a combined force – thus the union flag is the only one ever flown.  There is (to many peoples surprise). a right and wrong way of flying this.  Look at the positions of the red diagonals on the Union flag below; this (their positions) determines the right or wrong way to fly the flag !  – Here is the Union flag; flying correctly:



Amazing news!

The ban on wild animal circuses is now officially in force in Scotland! As of 28th May 2018, it is no longer legal for any travelling circus with wild animals to make them perform demeaning tricks for crowds.

Thank you for everything you have done to make this long overdue ban a reality! Such a fantastic victory!

Read more here:

But sadly, not all animals are safe. This ban only applies to wild animals in circuses, not domestic animals like horses, birds, dogs and cats.

Right now, Zippos Circus is touring with domestic animals and will be in Scotland from 5th June.

They have 11 venues lined up across Scotland for their cruel shows. By tracking their journey between venues, we have calculated they will cover 1043 miles in Scotland alone – the animals will spend all of those miles in trailers and vehicles. 

This is no way for any animal to spend their life! It is known that domestic animals can be stressed on long journeys and that making animals perform tricks repeatedly can cause injury. And of course, it uses them as objects of entertainment. 

Take Action to help these animals too!
Protests are being organised at the venues that Zippos will visit in Scotland – today we have been sending out leaflets and posters for these protests.

  1. Check out our facebook page for dates of protests and get involved
  2. Make a donation to supply campaign materials and make sure we can keep tracking circuses

We must celebrate the wild animal circus ban for animals – your hard work does make a difference! But I can’t help but feel frustration when I know animal circuses in Scotland have not come to an end, as long as domestic animals are exploited.

So let’s celebrate and use that energy to keep up the fight, until all are free!

For the animals,

Nicola O’Brien
Campaigns Director

P.S. Well done to you on this fantastic news! Now let’s help domestic animals in circuses too!