UK: Victory ! – People Power Forces UK Mc To Ban The Use of 1.8 Million Plastic Straws A Day And Change To Paper.

We never have and never will have anything to do with McDonalds; ever since or even before the McLibel case many years ago in the UK:

But we welcome yet another decision that an operation which has many outlets in the UK has decided to ditch plastic straws and instead convert to paper straws.

People power works – when they voice an opinion:

McDonald’s will replace plastic straws with paper ones in all its UK and Ireland restaurants, starting from September.

It is the latest company to opt out of some single-use plastic products which can take hundreds of years to decompose if not recycled.

The restaurant chain uses 1.8 million straws a day in the UK.

“Reflecting the broader public debate, our customers told us they wanted to see a move on straws,” the firm said.


…… and this is why people are so pissed off:

Paper straw factory to open in UK as restaurants ditch plastic:


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