Zoo Wuppertal, Germany: “world famous” for animal cruelty!


Bonobo male Bili came to the zoo in November. His conspecifics did not accept him. A part of his ear is bitten off.

Demolished by the conspecifics. His fingers are bleeding. And in his black fur gape open wounds. At the sight of this poor creature you just have a lump in your throat …

If Bili is not integrated into the Minor Chimpanzee group soon, maybe even death threatens him. So the decision of the zoo’s slaveholders.

The zoo parks are supported by stupid visitors. There are some parents who take their children to observe living animal inmates and think they learn about the animals.

affe-colin goldnerjpgFoto: Colin Goldner

Zoos have to close! They are and will continue to be prisons!


For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/01/27/zoo-wuppertal-germany-world-famous-for-animal-cruelty/


My best regards, Venus


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