Sick meat from Poland: EU takes command!


A slaughterhouse in Poland is said to have secretly killed sick animals. 9,5 Tons of meat came into circulation – even in other EU countries.

Inspectors are scheduled to travel to Poland on Monday to analyze the situation, a spokeswoman for the Brussels authorities said.

Cheer!! The EU has certainly found something to justify its existence: the protection of consumer health!! Although it is too late, the 9.5 tons of “sick” meat are a long time ago eaten.

EU commissioners are not interested in animals used illegally in slaughterhouses, even though they are ill, and although the law (EU law !!) requires emergency slaughter.

For sick animals, pregnant cows and newborn calves that are illegally transported in Europe, the EU is not interested.
And all these sacrifices produce more than 9.5 tons of meat per year!

Because they are only animals and the EU knows very well that its voters are not the animals but the meat consumers. So it has to pretend to protect them.

Actually, the “sick” meat does not interest the EU either.
It is only a welcome tool of manipulation for EU citizens, so we all forget what the real problem with factory farming in the EU is.

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My best regards, Venus


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