The schizophrenia of the meat “cult”!

In Thuringia, an East German state, lies Germany’s only battle hotel, with the name “Hotel zum Eichsfelder Fleischer.

The guests pay here to see live how the knife swings in slaughter!

Participation in a live slaughter with Marco Fritsch, the butcher and hotel owner, costs about 100 Euro. Including overnight stay in a double room, breakfast plate, beer and gentian flower, and a bag full of sausage specialties: smoked Eichsfeld sausage, sausage ring, liver sausage, sausage jelly in the glass.



Many guests take hundreds of kilometers to get there, the slaughter weekends are fully booked until the end of 2020. “If you are planning a birthday with us, the next year will be nothing, even for 2025 are already family celebrations in the calendar”!

Thecultivated”  handling with meat has become increasingly bad over the years, says Fritz. The Eichsfeld is one of the few regions where – contrary to the usual hygiene requirements – meat can still be sold warm from slaughter, with special permission from the EU and out of respect for tradition!!

And I mean…a garbage heap of psychopaths!


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My best regards, Venus


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