The sick justice world

A perpetrator-friendly justice in Florida tells us of the new that crimes against animals are deliberately and systematically trivialized. If they are committed by criminals of good social status, then we can immediately forget justice and law!

A horrifying video emerged of the shark being brutally dragged behind three men’s speedboat in Florida as they laughed at the helpless creature.

The offenders: Michael Wenzel, Robert Benac, and Spencer Heintz

Michael Wenzel: was sentenced to 11 months of probation and 10 days in the Hillsborough County jail. He will serve on weekends starting March 8 and will be released on Sundays. His father Robert Wenzel is a planning manager for Manatee County, Florida.

Robert Benac: is the son of Manatee County Commission chair Betsy Benac,  professes the Jewish faith, and was known as the Bear Jew on Instagram before deleting his account. He served 10 days in jail (!!!) Benac is the son of Manatee County Commission chair Betsy Benac.

Against Spencer Heintz, the third man on the boat at the time of the incident, charges were dropped in May 2018. Heintz’s father, Steven, is an attorney with the Heintz & Becker law firm that has offices in Bradenton and Sarasota.


Earlier, the opinion was that children from poor and problematic relationships tend to violence.

Now the First Class of society is killing, which got everything in the cradle blown free: money, security, recognition, luxury.

Of course, the judiciary will make an exception for this clientele.

After all, they are their friends and helpers in corruption and fraud.

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My best regards, Venus


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