Cheers Jean “Clown” Juncker!

When the media deal with Juncker, they do it for two good reasons: either because of his sciatica or because of his drinking. He, however, has officially stated that shaking at him only comes from sciatica.

It is an open secret in EU circles that the Commission chief likes to drink gin and sparkling wine.

“Whenever an assistant brings a glass of water to the head of commission, everyone knows it’s gin, the French EU correspondent Jean Quatremer recently quoted in the British magazine “The Spectator.”


We have only one reason to give Jean “Clown” Juncker the prize for the best jerk. : because it is considered the perfect symbol of the EU: frivolous, rundown and dement.

In the following video you can easily see what luck it is to have such sweet guys in the EU. This is how EU looks like!



We see only one benefit from Juncker’s Jin influence: at least attacks on him are very unlikely.

Moving targets that still wobble, sway, and cause strange contortions are hard to grasp!


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Best regards to all, Venus and Mark


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